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NASCAR Race Review: Daytona 500

February 28, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series opens the season with the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. This is the Grand Opening to the season, the Super Bowl of NASCAR racing. It starts out with the exhibition race, the Budweiser Shootout (Kyle Busch won with many cautions and intense racing), goes on with Coors Light Pole Qualifying, securing only pole sitter Carl Edwards and second place Greg Biffle. Then comes the Gatorade Duels that determines the Line up for the Daytona 500. Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth won their races putting them in third and fourth.

NASCAR officials made changes to the cars to bring back pack racing and make it harder for the drivers to hook up together for tandem racing. This Daytona 500 was a combination of both with pack racing and short spurts of pushing one another to the lead. It was also a recipe for cautions, with nowhere to go in a pack and drivers hitting the car they are pushing on the left bumper, making them spin out.

For the first time in the 54 year history of the Daytona 500 Mother Nature ruled and the race was delayed until Monday at noon. But she wasn’t finished and it was still raining for that noon start. The Daytona 500 started around 7:30 Eastern time and finished Tuesday morning. A Prime Time race for the first time.

Many drivers have new cars this year and new sponsors. 99 Carl Edwards is on the Pole with a speed of 194.738 mph and 46.216 seconds around this massive 2.5 mile track.

So, here we go! They race side by side for the lead and 16 Greg Biffle inches ahead of 99 to lead the first lap. On the second lap 33 Elliott Sadler bumps 48 Jimmie Johnson in the left rear, sending him into the wall and other drivers. They were in the middle of the pack, so I don’t know where he thought he was going to push 48. 34 David Ragan, 21 Trevor Bayne (last years Daytona 500 winner) and 10 Danica Patrick were caught in the mess.

17 Matt Kenseth leads with 16 beside him. 78 Regan Smith takes the lead. 16 takes it back. 39 Ryan Newman has a tire going down and spins out, bringing out the second caution. 5 Kasey Kahne manages to get by. They all make pit stops. The wheel comes off 39 just after he leaves the pit stall and 22 A. J. Allmendinger, coming into his pit, hits 39.

99 pushes 27 Paul Menard into the lead, tries to take the lead, but falls back. 11 Denny Hamlin takes the lead. The first seven cars are single file, with the outside lane not going anywhere. 16 pushes 31 Jeff Burton into the lead on the outside.  11 pulls out but no one goes with him and falls back. 27 and 11 start Green Flag pitting. 14 Tony Stewart is the last one who hasn’t pitted and leads. When he tries to pit 18 Kyle Busch is in the way and he has to go around again. The third caution comes out during the commercial after all the pitting for debris. 31 is leading. 83 Landon Cassill gets back on the lead lap. 17 puts his nose past the stall line and has to back up before he can be serviced.

There will be a $200,000 award to the driver leading at half time. 17 is having water problems with the gages not working and they put new water into the car. 9 Marcos Ambrose pushes 16 into the lead. 10 is back on the track. 56 Martin Truex, Jr. takes the lead. 24 Jeff Gordon blows up in smoke and fire, bringing out the fourth caution on lap 81. He waves them by and no one gets into him. 32 Terry Labonte (in the race with a past Champion provisional) stays out to lead. 16 takes the lead.

9 pushes 32 on the left side and spins him out for the fifth caution. He makes a nice save, without hitting anything, but gets stuck in the wet grass. 16 and 9 are up front for the restart. 18 pushes 9 and then gets left behind. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. pushes 5, but 88 drops 5 and he falls back. Two laps to halfway and 16 is in command. 11 pushes 56 to the front and 56 leads at half way. (He won at half way last year also.)

11 pushes 14 to the front and then takes the lead. 99 has fuel pressure issues. 15 Clint Bowyer is overheating. 14 and 20 Joey Logano are pitting, with 15 running out of fuel. The sixth caution comes out because 15 can’t make it to the pits and has to be pushed. 20 drives through pit road, while 14 completes his pit stop. Pit road is not open, but 31 pits anyway as he is running out of fuel. 39 Ryan Newman gets back onto the lead lap.

55 Mark Martin leads. 11 pushes 16 into the lead. 20 takes the lead. 17 takes the lead. The seventh caution comes out when something breaks in the 30 car of David Stremme. Pit stops are made, with 36 Dave Blaney, 83, 26 Tony Raines and 38 David Gilliland staying out. The track is being cleaned up with trucks dragging blow dryers on the top of the track. 42 Juan Pablo Montoya comes out of the pits on the bottom, like he’s supposed to with the blow dryers going. Something breaks and he goes sideways, can’t steer, and smacks into the truck with the blow dryer. There is a big explosion as 200 gallons of jet fuel and diesel fuel ignites.

The Red Flag comes out for over two hours, with 40 laps to go, to get the truck off the track and clean up all the fuel, after they put out the fire that keeps on burning. They use water blowers and Tide detergent to make sure the track is safe to drive on. The drivers all get out of their cars and the television audience gets treated to driver interviews. When clean up is completed, a bus takes a crew member from each car out to the track to help them get secured in the cars. The four that stayed out must now pit or they will not make it to the end. 18 and 99 took a tare off from the windshield during the Red Flag. You cannot work on the cars during Red Flag conditions, so they will have to restart from the rear. 13 Casey Mears is on the apron with fuel pressure issues and has to be pushed.

They restart with 34 laps to go. 17 is leading with 88 along side, 17 on top in front of 16. 29 Kevin Harvick pushes 88, but 17 and 16 get in front of them. Eight cars are single file. 20 comes up almost into 11 and 31 who are coming up on the outside. They have to separate. 14 steps out but on one goes with him. The lapped car, 13, is getting in the way and messing up the formation.

9 and 43 Aric Almirola get into 13, bringing out the eighth caution with 21 laps to go. 6 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. tried to avoid 13 but got into 43. 43 saves it and 9 goes spinning off. 15 Clint Bowyer gets back onto the lead lap. They restart with 18 laps to go. 11 has led most of the laps. 20 has to go back to eighteenth place for not maintaining speed.

17 moves up in front of team mate, 16 at the restart. The ninth caution is the Big One in the middle of the pack with 13 laps to go. 1 Jamie McMurray cuts a tire and spins around and around into 5. Seven cars are involved. 14 and 2 get by, but not without damage. 99 has damage to repair. They restart with 7 laps to go. The tenth caution comes out with four to go. 6 turns 14. He saves it but needs tires. 18 doesn’t save it this time. 39 and 36 get caught in it.

The restart will be the first attempt at a Green White Checker Finish. If a caution comes out before the White Flag is thrown they will try it again. Three attempts can be made before it ends under caution.

17 again moves up under 16 to lead. The White Flag comes out. 17 Matt Kenseth wins his second Daytona 500. 88 Earnhardt, Jr. got by 16 Biffle for second. 99 went below the Yellow line, but it was decided he was forced down there and no penalty is assessed. He finishes eighth. 11 Hamlin finishes fourth, 31 Burton fifth, 27 Menard sixth, 29 Harvick seventh. 20 Logano finishes ninth and 55 Martin finishes tenth. Thirteen different drivers led laps, with Hamlin leading the most laps. 202 laps were run to come up with a Daytona 500 Champion.

What a Daytona 500 this has been! Fire and rain, along with starting a day and a half late and finishing on Tuesday. Matt Kenseth will go down in history as the Champion of this unique race.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.


NASCAR Race Review: Drive4COPD 300

February 25, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Nationwide Series held their first race of the season, Drive4COPD 300 at the Daytona International Speedway on Saturday. 7 Danica Patrick starts the race from the pole with 60 Trevor Bayne next to her on the front row. 33 Tony Stewart is going for his fifth straight Nationwide Daytona win and his seventh Nationwide Daytona win.

Other Sprint Cup drivers in the race are 18 Denny Hamlin, 20 Joey Logano, 5 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in his own car, 22 Brad Keselowski, 38 Kasey Kahne and the Busch brothers. Kyle in his own 54 car and 1 Kurt. 120 laps around this 2.5 mile track will be 300 miles.

There was a combination of pack racing and tandem racing in the race. However, drivers quickly learned they had to have a partner to get to the front. 5 pushes 7 to lead from the pole. 2 Elliott Sadler pushes 60 into the lead. 12 Sam Hornish, Jr. 33 into the lead. 30 James Buescher works with team mate 31 Justin Allgaier. 7 scuffs the wall. 6 Ricky Stenhouse. Jr. pushes 18 into the lead. 22 pushes team mate 12 into the lead. 87 Joe Nemechek pushes 44 Mike Bliss into the lead.

The first caution c0mes out when 81 Jason Bowles is smoking and they think fluid may be on the track. The leaders pit. 54 fixes his rattling side window. 1 and 33 lead or the restart. 19 Taylor Malsam gets back onto the lead lap. 20 pushes 33 into the lead. 87 pushes 1 into the lead. 28 J.J.Yeley is up in smoke but on the apron and out of the way.

The second caution comes out when 88 Cole Whitt bumps 7 in the corner, sending  her into the wall. 54 turns 88 in the pits when he is getting out of his pit and 88 is going into his. He could have given 88 more room, as he expects everyone else to give him room. 54 must go back in or repairs. 18 and 20 are leading at the restart.

5 pushes 1 into the lead. 01 Mike Wallace pushes brother 09 Kenny Wallace. 01 is overheating and has to let go. 11 Brian Scott smacks down into 60 and 60 gets a tire going down. 20 pushes 18. The third caution comes out when 44 has to back off the throttle for traffic ahead and gets hit from behind, and into the wall. (There have been 18 lead changes among ten drivers in the first half of the race. The front nine cars stay on the track. 1 leads. 5 takes the lead. 2 takes the lead with help from team mate, 3 Austin Dillon. 87 pushes 1, 5 pushes 38. 60, laps down, pushes 22.

The fourth caution comes out during the commercial. 11 is caught between 43 Michael Annette and 31. 50 T. J.Bell gets his lap back. 60 takes the wave around to be only one lap down and in contention for the Lucky Dog. Thirteen drivers have now led the race with 25 lead changes. 12 is leading with 01. 1 and 54 are right behind. 1 takes the lead with 54 pushing when 01 and 12 let go. 2 pushes 33 into the lead. 6 pushes 18 into the lead. 3 pushes 5 into the lead. 2 pushes 33 into the lead on the inside.

39 Joey Gase is up in smoke, bringing out the fifth caution. They make pit stops with 25 laps to go. 60 Trevor Bayne is back on the lead lap. 15 Timmy Hill and 08 Casey Roderick are on the front row and 15 chooses the outside. They restart with 22 laps to go. 09 takes the lead and 15 gets shuffled back with no help. 18 takes the lead. 12 gets into the wall and the chain reaction sends 11 into the wall. 33 takes the lead.

The sixth caution comes out during the commercial, The Big One. 54 pushes 1 up the middle where there is not enough room and everyone else reacts. 31 ends up on top of 52 Reed Sorenson. (Leave it to the Busch brothers to go where there is not enough room causing those around them to crash.) There is a splitter from 09 wedged under the wall that has to be removed, bringing out the Red Flag.

The Yellow Flag comes back out with nine to go and they go back to racing with eight laps to go. They are three wide for the lead, that is, six cars: 6 and 12, 2 and 33, 54 and 1. The rest of the pack behind them have nowhere to go and 12 gets turned, spinning in front of 5. Many others are involved.

For the restart, 1 chooses the outside to be in front of 54. 33 is on the inside. 1 and 54 pull down leaving 33 boxed in. The eighth caution comes out just past the White Flag and is another Big One. 1 goes high to block two other pairs and everyone gets into everyone else. Tony will not get five in a row. (Doesn’t Kurt know by now that blocking NEVER wins the race?)

30 James Buescher gets by the mess to win the Drive4COPD 300 race under caution. He was eighth when the White Flag came out.  The win was great for Buescher, but it would have been a more exciting finish if Kurt had not blocked and the race went to the Finish Line. 2 Elliott Sadler finished second, followed by 22 Brad Keselowski, 19 Taylor Malsam, 15 Timmy Hill, 88 Cole Whitt, 33 Tony Stewart, 38 Kasey Kahne and 1 Kurt Busch. Brad, Tony, Kasey and Kurt get no championship points, as they are going for the Sprint Cup.

There was pack racing, but the drivers prove once again that having a partner makes you go faster. Despite what some fans may want, tandem racing will be in the mix, especially at the end. These drivers need to learn that blocking never wins races, but only causes wrecks.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.















NASCAR Race Review: WypAll 200

November 13, 2011

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. Saturday the NASCAR Nationwide Series raced the WypAll 200 race at the newly reconfigured Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale, AZ. After qualifying on Saturday before the race, 88 Aric Almirola sits on the pole with a speed of 132.910 mph and 27.086 seconds around this one mile slick track. Sprint Cup driver, 60 Carl Edwards shares the front row with him. Series points leader 6 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. is starting eleventh, while second in points, 2 Elliott Sadler is starting sixth. 32 Ron Hornaday, Jr. and 28 Derrike Cope made unapproved adjustments and will start the race from the rear. 47 Scott Speed missed the driver meeting and will also start from the rear. Jennifer Jo Cobb, Josh Wise and Daryl Haar failed to make the race. here is my race review.

88 Almirola chooses the inside and leads from the Pole. The first caution is a big pile up of eight cars starting when 82 Reed Sorenson gets into the corner a little too hot, turning 11 Brian Scott while they were racing three wide. 7 Danica Patrick gets damage. 88 chooses the inside for the restart and takes off. 33 Clint Bowyer passes 60 for second. 09 Kenny Wallace scrapes the outside wall. 6 drives under 2 for sixth. 33 catches leader 88. 82 cuts a tire after heating up the bead and crashes into the wall, bringing out the second caution. The car catches on fire. 01 Mike Wallace gets back onto the lead lap.

88 again takes off on the inside. 30 James Buescher drives under 2 on the apron. 6 and 2 race side by side for second. 2 backs off and 6 gets by. 2 races 12 Sam Hornish, Jr.  16 Trevor Bayne gets by 60. 66 Steve Wallace bumps 20 Ryan Truex. 6 is catching leader 88. 6 takes the lead. 33 and 88 race for second. The third caution comes out when 80 D. J. Kennington blows a tire and hits the wall. His car is on fire like 82 was. They are team mates. 89 Morgan Shepherd gets his lap back. 6 comes out of the pits first to lead the way and chooses the inside. 18 Joey Logano races 88. The fourth caution comes out with 70 laps to go for 28 and 19 Mike Bliss getting together. This should be their final pit stop. 88 misses a lug nut. 89 Morgan Shepherd is again the Lucky Dog and gets his lap back. 19 blew a tire while racing beside 28 and they both get into the wall.

At the restart, it is 6 and 12 on the front row. 6 chooses the inside but spins the tires, letting 12 take off. 18 and 6 race for second and 18 takes the spot. 22 Brad Keselowski races 16 and 16 gets by. 16 and 22 race side by side. The fifth caution comes out  after 66 and 30 were racing side by side and 66 goes up into 30 to spin them both. 51 Jeremy Clements gets his lap back. They restart with 55 laps to go. 12 and 18 restart from the front row and 12 takes off. 6 again spins the tires. 60 and 18 race for second. 22 gets by 18 and 60 for second.

The sixth caution comes out when 89 and 23 Robert Richardson, Jr. get together and both hit the outside wall. 51 Jeremy Clements is again the Lucky Dog. 2, in 12th leads those behind him into the pits. 12 takes off in the lead. 60 and 22 race for second and 22 holds onto second. 18 and 33 race side by side. 2 drives under 70 David Stremme. 16 and 88 race side by side for ninth.

38 Jason Leffler and 88 race side by side while 2 dives under them onto the apron and out in front of them for the pass. 38 was busy racing 88 and is going too fast to let up to let 2 in front of him, bringing out the seventh caution. 38 bumps 2 and 38, 2 and 88 all get together. 89 and 51 also get caught up in the wreck. There is a Red Flag for clean up with 25 laps to go.

The Green Flag comes back out with nineteen laps to go. 18 and 60 race side by side for third. 6 is inside 18, but 18 gets by. 33 races inside 6 and 6 gets by (so the track is rubbering up and giving them another groove). 33 races inside 70 and gets by.

12 Sam Hornish, Jr. holds off Cup drivers Carl Edwards and Joey Logano to win the WypAll 200 race at Phoenix International Raceway, his first NASCAR win. Carl Edwards finished second, followed by Joey Logano, Stenhouse, Jr., Trevor Bayne, Clint Bowyer, Ryan Truex, Justin Allgaier, and Michael Annett for the top ten. This is two weeks in a row that a Nationwide driver beat the Sprint Cup drivers to win the Nationwide race. It looks like Ricky will be the 2011 Nationwide champion, as Sadler is now 41 points behind. James Buescher sits in third in points, followed by Almirola, Allgaier, Leffler and Kenny Wallace. Annett moves up two spots to eighth, while Brian Scott and Steve Wallace each drop a spot for the top ten in points.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.

NASCAR Racing: Road Courses

June 20, 2010

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. This week NASCAR has two different road courses on the schedule. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is in Sonoma, CA, and the NASCAR Nationwide Series is in Elkhart, WI. Infineon Raceway in CA. is 1.99 miles of twists and turns, eleven of them. Road America in WI. is over four miles long with fourteen turns!

The Bucyrus 200 was run by the Nationwide drivers with several different Nations offering their drivers. 60 Carl Edwards, a Sprint Cup regular started from the pole. 32 Jaques Villeneuve (from Canada) started second. This was the inaugural race here. Last year they raced at the Milwaukee Mile, also in WI.

The first caution came out on lap three when 12 Justin Allgaier got too deep in the rumble strips and broke the drive shaft! They had to remove his car from the track. 24 Eric McClure took this opportunity to get out of the car and put road racer, Chris Cook into the car. Eric had surgery and was in too much pain to continue.

(Pitting is strange on a road course. It’s backwards! In fact, they race around the track opposite of how they run on an oval track.) 21 Tim George, Jr. gets into the grass after 38 Jason Leffler makes contact with him. The second caution came out when the 87 car driven by Antonio Parez blows up and leaves fluid on the track. 24 got into the oil and ended up in a gravel pit. 62 Brendan Gaughan was on pit road when the caution came out.

Something interesting: Cup Series back in 1956 came to this road course and Tim Flock won the race. However, not many fans came to the race, so they made only that one trip out to WI.

38 stayed out and leads at the restart. But 60 with fresher tires, soon takes the lead back. 38 makes a pit stop next time around and is caught speeding. He came back in for the drive through penalty and was again caught speeding! 20 Matt DiBenedetto has a broken sway bar. The third caution came out when 16 Colin Braun gets stuck in the gravel pit. 24 has a flat tire.

33 Ron Hornaday who drives for KHI in the Camping World Truck Series, was too fast on pit road. 70 Mark Green gets his lap back. 90 Patrick Long, 66 Steve Wallace and 05 Victor Gonzalez, Jr. stay on track. 60 gets by 66 for second. The fourth caution comes out for a massive pile up on turn four, with everyone getting into everyone else. There is a thirty minute Red Flag for clean up.

Something broke on the 81 car of Michael McDowell and the car is smoking. 32 makes it three wide to get past 60. But 98 Paul Menard wheel hops into 32 and sends him off the track. Jacque gets back on track and Paul has damage to his hood.

The fifth caution comes out when 33 and  get together, racing for seventh. 38 Jason Leffler  gets back on the lead lap after all the speeding .They restart with twelve to go. 18 Brad Coleman gets bumped aside. 32 and 62 battle for the lead and 32 takes the lead. 60 makes his way up to second. 23 Alex Kennedy spins around.

The sixth caution comes out with smoke all over the track when 40 Mike Bliss and 23 get together and 99 Trevor Bayne spins. 33 Ron Hornaday gets his lap back. They restart with nine to go. 60 takes the lead. 98 goes off track. 98 gets into 05 who spins. 11 Brian Scott gets spun around. 66 gets into the back of 99. 31 Stanton Barrett gets off the track in turn six into the gravel. And the seventh caution comes out because 31 can’t get out of the gravel. 6 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. gets his lap back.

They restart with three to go. 01 Mike Wallace spins onto the grass. 35 Tony Ave gets past 7 J. R. Fitzgerald. 05 goes around. 32 is having engine problems with popping noises and falls back. 35 and 98 spin on the last lap.

And 60 Carl Edwards wins the Bucyrus 200 from the pole. He makes his way around the track and heads for Victory Lane, forgets to do his signature back flip (he hasn’t won in quite awhile!) and has to back the car up to flip for the fans. For there being only fifty laps, this was certainly a long race!

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. Next up: Toyota/Save Mart 350K from Sonoma, CA.