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NASCAR Race Review: SFP 250

April 21, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. On Saturday, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series raced the SFP 250 at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS. Kansas Speedway is a 1.5 mile fairly flat D-shaped oval track. Saturday morning 2 Tim George, Jr. captured the Pole position with a speed of 172.436 mph and 31.316 seconds around the track. 18 Jason Leffler starts next to him on the front row. Mike Harmon and Dennis Setzer failed to qualify for the race. It was sunny and windy in Kansas City.

2 Tim George, Jr. has a good start, but 18 Jason Leffler quickly overtakes him to lead the first lap. 27 Jeb Burton scrubs the wall, bringing out the first caution. He got going too fast into the corner and blew the tire. They restart with 18 on the bottom and 23 Jason White on the outside. 18 and 23 race for the lead. 23 takes the lead. 18 comes back and they race for the lead, but 23 keeps the lead.

31 James Buescher and 6 Justin Lofton race for third. 08 Ross Chastain is smoking and heads for the garage. 31 drives under 18 for second and catches leader 23. 6 and 11 Todd Bodine race side by side and 11 gets by. 17 Timothy Peters has a vibration. 30 Nelson Piquet, Jr. races with 6 but can’t get by. 31 and 23 race for the lead and 31 takes the lead.

The second caution comes out for debris. 39 Ryan Sieg gets his lap back. 23 is overheating with water blowing out. They take off some tape to cool the truck down. 11 and 31 come out of the pits first and 11 chooses the outside. 22 Joey Coulter has a slow start and the other trucks around him have to scramble to not get into him.

The third caution comes out when 5 Paulie Harraka gets loose into 9 Ron Hornaday, causing them both to spin. 81 David Starr slides into 5, 12 Russ Dugger gets into 81 and 14 Brennan Newberry slides with 81. 9 manages to not get into anything while sliding near the wall. 31 takes the lead. 23 and 17 race side by side for sixth and 17 gets by.

The fourth caution comes out when 24 Max Gresham drives under 33 Cale Gale and spins out. 9 gets by. 65 Scott Stenzel gets back onto the lead lap. 2 keeps jumping out of gear and has lost a lot of track position. With one lap to go for the restart, 13 Johnny Sauter pits for more fuel. 9 gets by 6 for eighth. 30 gets by 18. 23 and 19 Brad Keselowski race side by side with 88 Matt Crafton right behind. 17 gets by 29 Parker Kligerman into third. 22 drives under 29. 31 and 17 race for third. 18 is running out of fuel and has to make a pit stop. He gets to his pit stall, so there is no caution. 88, 30 and 17 start Green Flag Pitting.

The fifth caution comes out with 70 laps to go for debris. Those who pitted while the race was Green take the wave around so that the leaders are up front. 22 is slow on the track to get into his proper spot. 31 and 19 are up front and 19 takes the lead. 29 gets by 11. 17 gets by 33 for fifth. 31 and 19 race for the lead and 31 takes the lead, driving under 19. 3 Ty Dillon gets by 33 6 and 33 race for position. 17 gets by 19 into second and pits to start another round of Green Flag Pitting. 30 gets by 9. Something is wrong with 13. 98 Dakoda Armstrong leads.

19 is back in the lead, taking two tires. 31 takes the lead with four tires. 30 gets by 11 for fourth. 17 gets by 19 for second. 31 James Buescher wins the SFP 250, his first NASCAR Camping World Truck Series win. 17 Timothy Peters finishes second followed by 19 Brad Keselowski, 30 Nelson Piquet, Jr., 11 Todd Bodine, 9 Ron Hornaday, 6 Justin Lofton, 29 Parker Kligerman, 3 Ty Dillon and 32 Miguel Paludo for the top ten. Timothy Peters stays in the points lead with James Buescher moving up two spots into second, just four points behind. Justin Lofton and Ty Dillon each fall one spot into third and fourth. Nelson Piquet, Jr. moves up one into fifth while Parker Kligerman falls a spot to sixth. Ron Hornaday moves up two positions into seventh. John King, Jason White and Matt Crafton complete the top ten in points.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.

NASCAR Race Fan Commentary

April 19, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. In 1996 I was introduced to NASCAR racing. I thought going so fast around a track and passing each other was the most beautiful thing in the world. I fell in love with it, the first race I saw. And it has become a passion of mine. I watch all the racing that is televised. Even the replays during the week. I Love to watch RACING.

The Samsung Mobile 500 race at Texas Motor Speedway featured 234 consecutive Green laps of racing. No crashing for cautions to tighten them up. Just pure RACING for 234 laps. Some NASCAR race fans decided this was a boring race! How can all that racing be boring, I have to ask. However, the majority (?) of fans want to see crashing and cautions. And a race is boring if all they do is race around the track!

Everyone praises Dale Earnhardt as a great driver. Because he had seven championships and many, many wins. And rightly so. He did have that many wins and championships. But their praise is mostly about how he got all those wins. By “rattling their chain”. By crashing others out of the way. By intimidating others to move out of the way before he could put them into the wall. Me, I prefer to watch racing. Catching and passing. The fans back then weren’t all Earnhardt fans. Bill Elliott was the most popular driver over and over. Elliott raced clean. He raced you and passed you without having to move you out of the way. My personal favorite was the other Dale, Dale Jarrett. Also a clean driver. The “Dale and Dale shows” were fun to watch. One Dale did not knock the other out of the way, but raced each other. Was that boring? I hope not.

Bristol Motor Speedway used to be a one groove track. If you got caught on top, everyone raced past you. They would move you out of the way to get by, most of the time bringing out a caution. Seems like the more cautions, the better the racing. For the Food City 500 this year, there were few cautions and much racing. Because with the reconfiguration of the track, there is now room to race and pass without bringing out a caution. The majority (?) of fans spoke up and the owner, Bruton Smith, is talking about “fixing” the track so there is more ramming into each other and crashing. So, I have to ask, is NASCAR about racing or about crashing? Do the fans go to Bristol to see the crashing or the racing?

The Camping World Trucks came back to Rockingham Speedway this past weekend. And what a wonderful race that was! Not much crashing, but a lot of racing. While the media was excited to be back at The Rock, and the fans came out to watch and the drivers all want to drive at Rockingham, it will not be on the Sprint Cup circuit. No entertainment value. NASCAR has become WRE (World Racing Entertainment). It isn’t about racing, but about entertainment. Racing is boring!

This week NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will be at the 1.5 mile D-shaped oval of Kansas Speedway. Will it be another boring (?) race like the one at Texas? Or will they crash into each other to bring out cautions and make things more exciting and entertaining? I guess we shall see. Perhaps if the media talked about NASCAR racing as being exciting racing instead of spectacular crashing, maybe racing each other for position and passing would become more exciting. Greg Biffle racing Jimmie Johnson for the win was exciting. Kyle Busch smashing into others is not my kind of excitement.

I will be back for Fast Friday. For practice at Kansas Speedway. For NASCAR tickets, go to Vivid Seats. They have tickets to most Sporting events.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.

NASCAR Race Review: Good Sam Roadside Assistance 200

April 16, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series raced it’s first race ever at the rejuvenated Rockingham Speedway. This 1.017 mile banked oval track was once on the NASCAR circuit and a fan and driver favorite. Formerly known as North Carolina Motor Speedway, NASCAR had it on the schedule in mid February when it was cold and rainy. Fans were reluctant to come to  a race under those conditions. Instead of moving it to another place in the schedule, they simply got rid of the track. Andy Hillenberg purchased it, revitalized it and now the Camping World Trucks get to race on this Historic track. This NASCAR race fan sure is happy about that.

For all the fanfare of the media about returning to The Rock, nothing was televised about practice and qualifying for the race. 30 Nelson Piquet, Jr. captured his first Pole with a speed of 144.387 mph and 24.933 seconds around the track. 5 Rookie Paulie Harraka starts second. 41 teams showed up for qualifying for only 36 positions. Clay Greenfield, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Chris Fontaine, Wes Burton and Brian Weber had to go home. Kasey Kahne and David Reutimann flew from Texas to The Rock for this race. Brad Sweet qualified the 4 Truck for Kahne, while Chad McCumbee qualified the 92 truck for Reutimann. Both will start from the rear for the driver change. Andy Hillenberg starts the engines.

So here we go! 30 Nelson Piquet, Jr. chooses the outside and leads the race. The first caution comes out when 7 John King gets sideways and spins out, into the inside wall. They restart on lap 9. The Trucks are racing two and three wide for position. 08 Ross Chastaine scrapes the wall. 3 Ty Dillon and 17 Timothy Peters race for seventh and 17 gets by. 13 Johnny Sauter drives under 3. 88 Matt Crafton gets by 18 Jason Leffler for second. 18 starts smoking and heads for the pits. He has no power and they push him behind the wall. 4 Kasey Kahne (who started in the rear) gets by 22 Joey Coulter into tenth. 4 gets by 11 Todd Bodine for ninth. 29 Parker Kligerman gets by 17 for third. Eleven Trucks are on the lead lap after 54 laps!

The second caution comes out during the commercial and we find Mike Helton in the booth. They make pit stops and we find out the caution was for debris. 30 and 88 race side by side for the lead. 88 takes the lead. 4 and 17 race for third and 4 gets by. 11 bounces hard into the wall and heads for the pits for repairs. No caution comes out. 4 drives into third. 30 retakes the lead, driving under 88. 13 gets by 4 for third. 92 David Reutimann wiggles in front of leader 30 and 88 takes the lead. 30 drives under 88 to take the lead. 9 Ron Hornaday and 23 Jason White race for the Lucky Dog position, the first a lap down. 23 pits for fuel as he did not get enough in the tank when he last pitted.

The caution comes out during the commercial. 92 slides into the wall and 99 Bryan Silas gets into 92. 17 leads out of the pits. 13 comes back in to top off the fuel. 9 Ron Hornaday gets his lap back. Twelve Trucks are now on the lead lap. 88 takes the lead. 31 James Buescher and 30 race for fifth and 31 gets by. 30 gets back by 31. 4 gets by 17 for second. 31 gets by 30. 13 drives under 6 Justin Lofton for for eighth. 6 races with 22. 3 drives under 30. 30 gets back by 3 for fourth. 3 and 31 race side by side for fifth and 31 drives under 3. 9 and 08 get together as 9 gets by. 3 gets by13. 4 takes the lead, going high and then driving under 88. 30 gets by 88 for second.

The fourth caution comes out with 26 laps to go. 81 David Starr gets back onto the lead lap. 4 comes out of the pits first, followed by 30, but 30 is too fast exiting and has to go back to the end of the longest line. They restart with 20 laps to go. 22 and 29 race side by side for sixth and 22 gets by. 30 gets into the wall to get by 6. 30 drives under 29. 30 gets into 3 to get by.

4 Kasey Kahne wins the inaugural Truck race at Rockingham Speedway, the Good Sam Road Assistance 200 Presented by Cheerwine. Kahne has entered five Truck races and has now won four of them. He finished second in the other race. James Buescher finishes second, followed by Matt Crafton, Johnny Sauter, Timothy Peters, Joey Coulter, Nelson Piquet, Jr., Ty Dillon, Parker Kligerman and Justin Lofton for the top ten.

Timothy Peters takes over the points lead, moving up from second. Justin Lofton and Ty Dillon move up a spot into second and third. James Buescher moves up two spots into fourth. Parker Kligerman and Nelson Piquet, Jr. also move up two into fifth and sixth while Jason White falls tow into seventh. John King, winner of the race in Daytona, falls seven positions into eighth. Ron Hornaday remains in ninth and David Starr moves up two into tenth.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.

NASCAR Racing This Weekend

April 12, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. We NASCAR race fans had to endure a break in racing for Easter. This week we get  back to racing. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is at the Texas Motor Speedway for the Samsung Mobile 500 night race on Saturday night for their seventh race this season. Texas Motor Speedway is a 1.5 mile quad-oval track. While some NASCAR race fans love the night races because you can travel to the track during the day and watch the race under the lights, seeing the sparks fly, this NASCAR race fan looks at it as a short racing weekend. And by the time you get out of the stands after the race, it’s too late to make the drive back home.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series is also at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend for their sixth race, the O’Reilly Auto Parts 300. This is also a night race on Friday night. Friday will be full of practice and qualifying. I prefer three days of practice, qualifying, more practice and racing. Vivid Seats has NASCAR tickets.

All is not lost this weekend as we NASCAR race fans will be treated to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series returning to Rockingham Speedway for their third race of the season. Rockingham Speedway is a one mile high banked track that closed their doors in 2004 as North Carolina Speedway. Andy Hillenburg bought the track and renamed it Rockingham Speedway. Now ARCA races here and the Trucks return to the track this weekend. So, we NASCAR race fans get treated to a Sunday race at the Rock. This NASCAR race fan is soooo looking forward to it!

We NASCAR race fans love the Rock. Racing at the Rock is great racing and lots of fun to watch. Rockingham was on the NASCAR schedule at a time in the season when it was usually raining. Instead of placing the race at a different time, NASCAR just got rid of the track, as no one wanted to come to the track and sit in the rain. This NASCAR race fan is sure glad the Rock is back on the NASCAR schedule. It will be a fun race for the Camping World Trucks. The Good Sam Road Assistance 200 presented by Cheerwine will be run on Sunday afternoon.

I shall return for the racing action.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.

NASCAR Racing At Martinsville

April 1, 2012

Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. This week NASCAR is in Martinsville, VA. at the short track, paper clip of Martinsville Speedway. At .526 miles, Martinsville is the shortest track in NASCAR. It is also the oldest track. Martinsville Speedway started out as a dirt track, then was paved. The cars were eating up the track in the corners, so instead of repaving after each race, they put concrete in the corners. Martinsville Speedway is the only track that is asphalt on the straight aways and concrete in the corners. The track has not changed it’s shape in all these years. It is true short track racing with two drag strips and two u-turns. A race car driver favorite. And the trophy at this track is a Grandfather Clock!

Fast Friday saw practice for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series as well as for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The Trucks practiced for the Kroger 250 race on Saturday with Nelson Piquet, Jr. being the fastest. The Sprint Cup drivers practiced for the Goody’s Fast Relief 500 race on Sunday. Jeff Gordon was fastest. Coors Light Pole Qualifying order is determined by practice speeds, with the fastest going out last and the slowest going out first.

Mother Nature slowed things down on Saturday with rain to start out the day. Rain stopped and the track was dried, but this backed things up. Coors Light Pole Qualifying did take place for the Sprint Cup race, the Goody’s Fast Relief 500, with 5 Kasey Kahne capturing the Pole position with a speed of 97.128 mph and 19.496 seconds around this short track. This is his second Pole of the year and he is the first repeat Pole winner.

The Camping World Trucks also qualified on Saturday for the Kroger 250, but I didn’t get to see this. Kevin Harvick sat on the pole with a speed of 95.665 mph and 19.794 seconds. Ty Dillon starts the race on the front row in second. There were 43 trucks entered into this race with only 36 starting positions! Seven drivers had to go home.

The Kroger 250 was raced on Saturday. 2 Kevin Harvick chose the outside lane even though the inside is the best starting position. He is a team mate of 3 Ty Dillon, starting second. 2 took off and came down in front of 3 to lead the race. After five laps he let 3 lead two laps before taking over again.

The first caution had 9 Ron Hornaday spinning in front of 6 Justin Lofton. 17 Timothy Peters takes second from 3. 88 Matt Crafton is loosing power and his tack is going crazy. He needs to change the battery. The second caution came out when 22 Joey Coulter melted the bead in the tire and got into the wall. 88 heads for the pits, even though it was closed, to change the battery. He comes back in to change the tires. 7 John King (Winner of the Daytona race) gets back onto the lead lap.

A third caution came out but I was distracted and didn’t catch why. 27 Jeb Burton pushes 9 down the track, out of his way. 88 and 9 race for the Lucky Dog position and 88 gets by. The fourth caution comes out for 15 Dusty Davis stopped on the track and 88 Matt Crafton gets back on the lead lap. 31 James Buescher gets by 17 for third. 11 Todd Bodine drives inside 13 Johnny Sauter for sixth. 81 David Starr has a tire going down and spins, bringing out the fifth caution. 9 Ron Hornaday gets his lap back. The Green Flag comes out during the commercial. 2 again takes off on the outside. 6 gets by 31 for third. 13 gets by 17 and 6 into fourth. 11 has a tire going down, breaking the sway bar. 18 Jason Leffler is dropping fluid. 22 has another tire going down and pits. The sixth caution is 92 David Reutimann loosing the right front tire. 13 is in the pits with the hood up.

At the restart 2 again takes off on the outside. 31 bumps 3, but cannot get by. 9 was not in position for the restart and the seventh caution comes out for 27 Brennan Newberry and 32 Miguel Paludo sideways, and 24 Max Gresham spinning. 27 has nowhere to go. 33 Cale Gale has to pit for a flat tire.

2 Kevin Harvick wins the Kroger 250 after leading 248 of 250 laps! This was his fourteenth Truck Series win. He started on the Pole and won the race, something he has done four times! Harvick will be racing on Sunday in the Goody’s Fast Relief 500 Sprint Cup race, with a chance to sweep the track.

Ty Dillon finished second, followed by James Buescher, Justin Lofton, Timothy Peters, Nelson Piquet, Jr., Ross Chastain, Jason Leffler, John King and Jason White for the top ten. John King remains the points leader, one point ahead of Timothy Peters and Justin Lofton, tied for second. Ty Dillon moves up four spots into fourth while Jason White falls a spot to fifth. James Buescher moves up ten positions into sixth. Parker Kligerman moves up three positions into seventh. Nelson Piquet, Jr. moves up twelve positions into eighth after finishing fifth. Ron Hornaday moves up four positions into ninth while Todd Bodine falls five spots into tenth.

Next up: Goody’s Fast Relief 500 Sprint Cup race at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday. See you after the race.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.