Hello, everyone, and welcome to sheilalovesnascar blog. I am Sheila Hawley and I love NASCAR. I’d like to give NASCAR fans a weekly review of my take on the race event of the week. I’ll give you my version of play by play as I see the action unfold on track. I’d like to give you my take on NASCAR news and keep race fans informed on NASCAR news. And, perhaps some of my opinions on what is going on in NASCAR. I’m not a reporter, but I am an avid fan. NASCAR is my Passion. And I’d like to share my Passion with you. I am also a member of the NASCAR Fan Council.Visit my website http://www.ilovemynascar.com/ You can get in touch with me at rsshawley@msn.com. Send a back link! I don’t have any. You will now be able to see some of my posts at http://www.nascar-europe.net.

15 Responses to “About”

  1. Reneese Mackey Says:

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  2. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    I’m very interested. The blog URL is https://sheilalovesnascar.wordpress.com What do I have to do on my end?

  3. Mikel Says:

    Hello Sheila,
    My name is Mikel, and I´m writing from spain. Yesterday I found your blog and first of all I want to say you are doing a great job, congratulations!
    Two years ago I started writing about NASCAR just like you, because I felt in love with it since I wach my first race.
    Now I´m the administrator of a web site called NASCAR-EUROPE. Is a project I started last year, and whit the changes I´ve made for this season it is growing very fast.
    This week NASCAR-EUROPE is included in Google News engine, so I think the site is going to be visited much more.
    My idea is to develope the site to something more international. Right now a Colombian guy and myself are the only writers, and I´m looking for people who want to write about NASCAR in other languages, like german, french and english.
    And now here goes my offer. Could you please consider to be part of NASCAR-EUROPE?
    I know you are focused in your blog, but you could think about include some of your posts in NASCAR-EUROPE. This could be great because you could link every post to your blog, and european people could have the chance to know you.
    By this moment NASCAR-EUROPE doesn´t have any advertising, but if someday in the future we have that posibility, all the members of the team will earn some money.
    This year I´m learning how all this works, and for the next season my idea is to change the template of the website and do a more serious work, with different languages and much more.
    So please think about it, because I think this is a beautiful project, with people working from different countries and different languages.
    And maybe for the next year we must to change the name of the site and call it NASCAR-WORLD!!
    I´ll be waiting for your news
    Kindest Regards.

  4. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    I am very interested, Mike. I’m new at this and have been doing this just for fun. I would really like to make it more than just posting for fun. NASCAR is my Passion and I spend all my time reading and watching everything I can. It would be great to hook up with you to get your project going. Tell me what to do.

  5. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    I would love to be a part of your project. I’m new at this, so I don’t know what to do next. Let me in!

    Love NASCAR? Want my opinion? See my blog https://sheilalovesnascar.wordpress.com

  6. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    I am following you on Twitter. Thanks for the follow. I almost wasn’t going to since it was a different language! Keep in touch.

    Love NASCAR? Want my opinion? See my blog https://sheilalovesnascar.wordpress.com

  7. Mikel Says:

    Hi Sheila,

    I´m very happy for this. I think you will do a great job in NASCAR-EUROPE.
    First of all you need to register in NASCAR-EUROPE, and then I will give you acces to write your own posts as Autor. Is a wordpress based site, so you know how to use it.

    In the registration process you need to give an e-mail, so I´ll use it to keep in touch, OK?

    And again I want you to know I´m very happy for the chance to work with you. I think this is going to be a beautiful project!!

    Kindest regards


  8. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    How do I register? I went to the site and found Registration and clicked it, but it took me to WordPress login. Can you send me a link to your site so I can register? Thank you. Sheila

    Love NASCAR? Want my opinion? See my blog https://sheilalovesnascar.wordpress.com

  9. Mikel Says:

    Hi Sheila,

    This is the link for registration. NASCAR-EUROPE is a wordpress based web site, so the way to register is the same than in wordpress.


    I´ve been thinking about it, and if you find this a bit complicated, we could do it in an easy way: when you publish a new post, send me an e-mail, and I´ll copy and paste it in NASCAR-EUROPE, respecting your name of course.

    Thank you again for join me in this

    Kindest Regards

  10. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    I posted the Kansas Camping World Truck race review. I can add your site to my blogroll, if you like. Can you send a back link?

  11. Mikel Says:

    Of course.
    Right now is a bit late here, but tomorrow morning I´ll post your article in NASCAR-EUROPE, and I hope you will like it!!

    Please check it out tomorrow, and then you can tell me your opinion OK?

    Kindest Regards

  12. Mikel Says:

    I Sheila.

    Your first post in NASCAR-EUROPE!


    Welcome and thank you ver much!


  13. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    Thank you. I love the pictures!

    Love NASCAR? Want my opinion? See my blog https://sheilalovesnascar.wordpress.com

  14. bryantdouglass Says:

    Sheila, your blog is great. I just started blogging because I love this sport as well and just enjoy it. New to it all and trying to figure out how I want mine to look and such. Your recaps, have given me an idea of where I’d like mine to go.

    Anyways, thought I’d comment and say your blog is great.

    Bryant. http://www.turnfour.wordpress.com

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