NASCAR Race Review: Samsung Mobile 500


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series raced their seventh race of the season, the Samsung Mobile 500, at the Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday night. Track officials spent Saturday replacing the light breakers so that there would be no problems with the lights for this race. Mother Nature had to have her say in the race with wind advisories for the area, with gusts up to 40 mph. However there should be no rain until after the race.

Jeff Burton was the first winner at this 1.5 mile fast track. He was also the first repeat winner, twelve races later. Tony Stewart ran into the wall during Happy Hour on Friday hard enough to have to bring out the back-up car. There will be no penalty for this, as it was done before qualifying. Martin Truex, Jr. captured the Pole on Friday evening with a speed of 190.369 mph and 28.366 seconds around the track. Matt Kenseth sits next to him on the front row. Racer Travis Pastrana starts the engines. 334 laps is 501 miles.

So, here we go! 56 Martin Truex, Jr. takes off from the Pole position to lead the race. 17 Matt Kenseth falls back from second, as 16 Greg Biffle, 5 Kasey Kahne and 9 Marcos Ambrose get by. 11 Denny Hamlin and 48 Jimmie Johnson race for tenth and 48 gets by. 55 Mark Martin drives under 1 Jamie McMurray. 9 and 5 race for fourth and 9 gets by. 17 and 5 race side by side and 17 drives under 5 for the position. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 99 Carl Edwards and 5 race three wide. 99 and 88 get by 5. 16 and 56 race for the lead. 17 catches 16 and 56. 16 takes the lead.

29 Kevin Harvick races past 48. 17 and 56 race for second and 17 gets by. 29 gets by 55 Mark Martin for fifth. 29 drives around 9 for fourth. Green Flag Pitting starts. 9 leads and 17 leads. 47 Bobby Labonte pulls in front of 5 as 5 is leaving his pit and has to back up to get out. 16 is back in the lead after it all. 47 slides in front of 88 and 88 bumps him into the wall for blocking his momentum.

The first caution comes out for debris. This is a break for 17 who thought he had a loose wheel. 34 David Ragan gets back onto the lead lap. 29 had a long pit stop, dropping a lug nut. They restart on lap 72. 56 and 16 race for the lead. 16 takes the lead. They race again for the lead and 16 keeps the lead. 17 gets by 56 for second. 48 gets by 56 for third. 88 and 15 Clint Bowyer get by 5. 55 gets by 56.

The second caution comes out during the commercial for 21 Trevor Bayne scraping the wall. The wind shot him up into the wall. They have to clean the grill of 48 as the wind blew trash on it. 99 has a lug nut issue and has to come back in to fix it. They restart on lap 100. 48 gets by 56 for second. 22 A. J. Allmendinger and 24 Jeff Gordon race for position side by side. 48 takes the lead. 17 gets by 56. 88 drives under 22 for ninth. 88 gets by 24 for eighth. 29 gets by 22.

There is another round of Green Flag Pitting. They drop the 18 Kyle Busch onto the air hose so the crew has trouble going to the other side. 38 David Gilliland is too fast entering the pits. 2 Brad Keselowski is having engine problems. 56 is back in the lead after the pitting. 2 is below the minimum speed and heads for the garage.

48 catches leader 56 and takes the lead. 42 Juan Pablo Montoya starts another round of Green Flag Pitting. 48 is back in the lead after the pitting.

29 pits, starting another round of Green Flag Pitting. 48 is back in the lead after it. 5 gets by 11 Denny Hamlin for tenth. 24 gets by 17 for fourth. 29 and 9 race for sixth and 9 gets by.

29 starts another round of Green Flag Pitting. 24 leads. 48 is back in the lead after they take the trash off the grill. 24 gets by 17 for fourth. 16 is catching leader 48. 16 drives under 48 for the lead and nearly looses it as he slides in front. 16 pulls away. 21 scrapes the wall again. 48 scrapes the wall trying to catch the leader 16. 99 gets by 88 for eighth. 29 gets by 88 for ninth.

16 Greg Biffle wins the Samsung Mobile 500 race at Texas Motor Speedway. His first this year and 17th of his career. There were seven different leaders with Jimmie Johnson leading the most. 234 consecutive laps were raced under the Green Flag, making this a fast race with 160 mph average speed for Biffle. He is the sixth different winner this year. Jimmie Johnson finished second followed by Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Martin Truex, Jr., Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for the top ten.

Greg Biffle stays in the lead, 19 points ahead of Matt Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Martin Truex, Jr. moves up two spots into fourth. Kevin Harvick remains in fifth. Denny Hamlin moves up one position into sixth while Tony Stewart falls four spots into seventh. Jimmie Johnson moves up two into eighth. Ryan Newman and Clint Bowyer fall one place into ninth and tenth. Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne moved up four positions.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.

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