Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. Before the Daytona 500 all cars must pass inspection. This year the #48 car of Jimmie Johnson was taken out of the line after John Darby declared it illegal. He didn’t like the way the c-posts looked. The c-posts were confiscated and the team had to correct the problem. They went on to pass inspection, after repairs were made. Penalties were promised after the Daytona 500. 48 was caught in an accident very early in the race and finished 42nd.

On Tuesday after the race NASCAR issued the following penalties: the crew chief and car chief were suspended for 6 races. Chad Knaus, the crew chief was fined $100.000. Johnson and owners Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon were fined 25 owner and driver points. That put Johnson -23 for the next race at Phoenix.

Rick Hendrick appealed the decision and neither were suspended until the appeal could be heard. The appellate board was three people who upheld the decision. Hendrick was adamant that the decision was wrong and went to the next level. After the Bristol race, the appeal was heard by the  one person, John Middlebrook.

Tuesday he made his decision based on all the evidence provided. Johnson and Hendrick/Gordon got back their 25 points. Both men were not suspended and will continue to be on the 48 team for all upcoming races. Both were put on probation until May. However, the $100,000 fine remains to be paid, proceeds to go to the NASCAR Foundation. This moves Johnson up 12 spots in points to eleventh.

Personally, I agree with the decision. I never thought you could fine someone for not passing inspection when they never went through inspection. Of course, this will be talked about and dissected for a long time. Every penalty that Knaus had was brought up as a result. He takes the rule book to the limit, which, basically, is his job.

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Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I Love NASCAR racing.

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