NASCAR Race Season Comes To An End


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Season has come to an end. For this fan, it was an exciting year. There were 18 different winners, 5 of them being first time winners. Although I think crowning a Champion based on the ten races of the chase is just manufactured excitement, what the new Champion, Tony Stewart, did in those last ten races was exciting. No one has ever won half of them.

The top ten in points will be honored in Las Vegas on Friday.  Kyle Busch had his normal meltdown during the chase after winning many of the Camping World Truck and Nationwide races. He and his brother Kurt finished the season in twelfth and eleventh in points. Although they will be in Las Vegas because they made the chase, they will not be on the stage on Friday.  The top five in Nationwide, with Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.  winning the trophy, will be honored on Friday. And the top five in Camping World Trucks, with Austin Dillon winning as the youngest driver to win the championship, will also be honored on Friday.

So ends another season of racing. I will have to get out my tapes to get through the Winter.  Here is an article about the ten things you didn’t know about NASCAR pit crews. I hope you enjoy it.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I shall return in February. And maybe sooner if I have something to say. I love NASCAR racing.

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3 Responses to “NASCAR Race Season Comes To An End”

  1. Jennifer Salinski Says:

    Hey Sheila – the season may be over, but my favorite driver Greg Biffle is going to be in The Rose Parade on January 2nd – I’m so excited to watch!! He’ll be on the Natural Balance float with a surfing dog!

  2. Car racing Says:

    Car racing…

    […]NASCAR Race Season Comes To An End « Sheilalovesnascar's Weblog[…]…

  3. camping Says:


    […]NASCAR Race Season Comes To An End « Sheilalovesnascar's Weblog[…]…

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