NASCAR Race Review: Coca Cola 250


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. Saturday afternoon the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series raced the Coca-Cola 250 presented by fred’s race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. 31 James Buescher starts on the Pole with a speed of 177.676 mph and 53.896  seconds around this 2.66 mile track, with 8 Nelson Piquet, Jr. next to him on the front row. Ron Hornaday has won the last two races in this Series while driving the #2 Truck instead of his usual #33. Elliott Sadler was scheduled to race in the 2 Truck, but is wife is expecting a baby at any moment and he decided to not race this race. Elliott is a regular in the Nationwide Series and they are off this weekend. For this race, Hornaday will race the 2 Truck and Mike Wallace will be in the 33. These KHI Trucks have added “slippery” teflon tape to the bumpers to aid in the pushing. The  Sprint Cup drivers have mastered this style of racing at the restrictor-plate tracks like this one where partners take turns pushing each other. The Truck drivers mostly have not mastered this. And the trucks don’t line up as well as the cars do.

At the Start, 2 hooks up to 33 and pushes him into the lead. After several laps they switch places, but this puts them into the middle line and they fall way back. 31 leads the way with most of the trucks behind him. 5 Todd Bodine pushes 29 Parker kligerman into the lead. They make the switch and 5 leads. The first caution comes out during the commercial. 51 Josh Richards spins 8 into 18 Kyle Busch, 1 Jeffery Earnhardt and 99 Patrick Sheltra. 60 Cole Whitt also has damage. 88 Matt Crafton stays out to lead a lap before pitting. 18 comes into the pits many times for repairs.

At the restart, 4 Ricky Carmichael leads the way. 33 and 2 hook up and make their way on the outside to the front. The hood of 16 Donnie Nuenberger flies up onto the windshield! He stays on the apron and makes it to the pits, so there is no caution. 62 Brendan Gaughan pushes 5. The second caution comes out when team mates 88 and 13 Johnny Sauter were hooked up trying to get to the front, when 16 blew a tire in front of them, sending 13 spinning and giving 88 front end damage.  3 Austin Dillon and 4 Ricky Carmichael come out of the pits first to lead.

33 and 2 take the lead. 5 is again pushing 29 and they are catching 33 and 2. 62 pushes 31. 18 pushes 51. While 5 is pushing 29, 5 turns 29 and sends him spinning, bringing out the third caution. 32 Blake Feese spins out into the grass where his rear wheels lift off the ground. They barely get going again when 02 Jamie Dick blows up, bringing out the fourth caution. At the restart, 7 Miguel Paludo changes lanes before the Line and has to make a pass through into the pits. 33 and 2 finally get hooked back up after restarting away from each other. 5 pushes 62. 33 and 2 take the lead. 18 pushes 3 and they battle for the lad with 33 and 2. 33 and 2 come apart and 3 and 18 take the lead. 33 and 2 take back the lead. 33 falls to the apron and 3 and 18 take the lead.

The fifth caution comes out when 84 Chris Fontain gets into the outside wall, comes down the track and hits the inside wall. 7 Miguel Paludo gets back onto the lead lap. The sixth caution comes out for debris on the track. 13 Johnny Sauter gets back onto the lead lap. 33 and 2 were leading, with 3 and 18 right behind. 3 thinks he needs to save fuel and drops back from his third position. He will not be able to restart in third after not maintaining caution speed. He will have to restart twelfth, as drivers passed him when he slowed down.

33 and 2 lead. 4 pushes 31. 5 pushes 23 Jason White. And that is how they finish. 33 Mike Wallace wins the Coca Cola 250. 2 Ron Hornaday finishes second. Both drivers are 53 years old! What a great race that was with Cup drivers not domination the race. This is the first time Chevy has won at this track. James Buescher finished third, followed by Ricky Carmichael, Jason White and Todd Bodine. Austin Dillon rallied to seventh place followed by Brendan Gaughan, Kyle Busch and Max Papis rounding out the top ten finishers. Dillon stays in first place in the points. Buescher and Sauter trade second and third. Hornaday remains in fourth, Timothy Peters remains in fifth. Bodine gains a spot, as does Whitt, while Crafton looses two positions after crashing out, while being pushed.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.

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