NASCAR Race Review: Smith’s 350


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog.Friday night the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series raced the Smith’s 350K race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for their twenty-first race of the season. This was a great Truck race, without any Sprint Cup drivers in it to overshadow the Truck drivers. Sprint Cup drivers are racing in Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday night. My kind of Truck race. Not much television coverage of practice and qualifying, as SPEED had better things to cover than just Trucks. i didn’t get to see any practice or qualifying. I had to go to to find out that Ron Hornaday is starting from the pole with a speed of 176.056 mph and 30.672 seconds around this 1.5 mile track in the #2 Truck. 3 Austin Dillon starts second. There are only 34 Trucks in this race. Hornaday won the last Truck race in the 2 Truck at Kentucky, his 50th Truck win. As a Rookie, Dillon won this race last year and is leading the points this year. Deana Martin (Dean’s daughter ) sings the National Anthem and does a great job. She knew the words and the musical notes.

23 Jason White crashed in practice and will start from the rear in a back-up truck.  66 Max Gresham is making his Truck debut and changed the engine. He will start from the rear. 33 this race is Cale Gale. The last two races here had Rookies win. So, here we go! 2 and 3 race for the lead and 2 leads from the pole. 13 Johnny Sauter gets by 3 for second. 88 Matt Crafton gets by 3 for third. 3 gets a flat tire and swerves into the wall, bringing out the first caution. 29 Parker Kligerman barely gets by, scraping the wall. The points leader is the first caution on lap 2. 2 and 13 lead, with 2 on the outside. 2 leads. 88 gets by 13 for second. 18 Brian Ickler gets by 31 James Buescher with a push from 5 Todd Bodine who gets by 31.

The second caution comes out for debris when 18 gets into the wall. 13 also scrapes the wall. 2, 13 and 88 are three wide for the lead. 88 gets stuck in the middle and gets loose and sideways. 2 and 13 race for the lead. 60 Cole Whitt, 8 nelson Piquet, Jr. and 31 are three wide. 8 and 31 nearly get together. when 8 slips. The third caution comes out when 66 gets sideways into 9 Max Papis. The leader 2 pits and most of the drivers pit with him. 3 Austin Dillon gets back onto the lead lap. 81 David Starr and 39 Ryan Seig stay out to lead. 4 Ricky Carmichael takes the lead. 6 justin lofton makes it three wide for the lead. 2 takes the lead.

The fourth caution comes out when 4 gets loose and sideways into 31, 18 and 7 Miguel Paludo. There is a Red Flag for clean up. 13 was next to 81 and 4 tried to get in between them, with no room to get in. 66 Max Gresham gets  his lap back. 2 and 17 Timothy Peters race side by side for the lead and 2 finally gets by. 13 and 5 race side by side behind 62 Brendan Gaughan. The fifth caution comes out when 73 Brent Raymer gets loose and gets into 66. They both spin into the infield and hop over the inner track.  13 and 8 stay out to lead. 13 takes off at the restart. The sixth caution comes out when 32 Blake Feese gets loose in front of 31. 10 Jennifer jo Cobb is the Lucky Dog. 13 and 23 restart first and second. 5 and 62 get by 22 Joey Coulter. 22  5ets into the wall, but there is no caution. 22 makes a pit stop. 62 gets by 5 for third. 2 and 62 race for the lead. 22 gets into the wall again and the seventh caution comes out. 62 narrowly misses 22.

17 and 62 race for the lead and 17 takes the lead. 2 takes the lead. 13 and 19 David Mayhew race side by side for fifth and 13 takes the position. 23 gets by 19 for sixth. 88 gets by 5. 88 and 8 get by 23. 60 drives under 19. 13 gets by 62 for fourth.  88 gets by 62. 8 gets by 62. 8 pushes 88 ahead of 6 Justin Lofton. 8 gets by 6 for fifth. 17, 29 and 62 start Green Flag pitting. 8 has a loose lug nut and has to come back in and gets more fuel. 2 makes his last stop. 13 is having ignition problems. 13 gets by 17 for second and says the truck is blowing up. The eighth caution comes out for debris. 19 David Mayhew gets his lap back. 2 and 13 race for the lead. 88 and 17 race each other. 2 takes the lead. The ninth caution comes out when 6 is spinning and 33 runs hard into 6. 62 and 6 got together. 62 pits. 5 has a vibration and pits.

2 and 13 battle for the lead and 2 takes the lead. 88 makes it three wide for second. 23 is smoking. 23 has a tire going down, 10 is on the outside and 23 can’t turn and gets into 10, bringing out the tenth caution. 2 takes the lead. 88 moves from fourth to second. 32 spins and ends up facing the wrong direction, but there is no caution. 13 gets by 5 for fourth. And 2 Ron Hornaday wins the Smith’s 350, his first win at Las Vegas and his 51st Truck win. he is now 2 for 2 in the 2 Truck. Crafton finished second, followed by Peters, Sauter, Bodine, Piguet, Jr., Mayhew, Whitt, Gaughan and Kligerman for the top ten. Austin Dillon retains the points lead, while Johnny Sauter and James Buescher trade second and third. Ron Hornaday gains a spot to fourth and Timothy Peters looses a spot. Matt Crafton gains two spots, as does Todd Bodine. for sixth and seventh. joey Coulter looses three spots to ninth. Parker Kligerman stays in tenth.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.

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