NASCAR Race Review: Dollar General 300


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Nationwide race, the Dollar General 300, was raced on Saturday afternoon at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. At this track, the backstretch is rounded instead of being a straightaway. 11 Brian Scott starts the race from the Pole position with 22 Brad Keselowski starting next to him on the front row. No one has won this race starting on the front row. Perhaps one of these drivers will be able to do it this time.

11 Scott chooses the outside for the start of the race and leads the first lap. 22 takes the lead by going down to the apron to get by. 20 Ryan Truex and 18 Joey Logano race for fourth. 32 Reed Sorenson and 6 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. race each other and 6 gets by. 16 Trevor Bayne is chasing the back end and scrapes the wall. 16 and 32 race for position.

The first caution comes out when 20 spins into the grass. 20 and 88 Aric Almirola were racing and 20 lost the aero. 2 Elliott Sadler barely gets by. 48 Dennis Setzer gets the free pass back onto the lead lap. 22 leads at the restart. 33 Paul Menard drives under 11. 11 wiggles and 18 gets by. 12 Sam Hornish, Jr. and 6 race for ninth and 6 holds him off. 2 gets by 18 for third. 60 Carl Edwards, 18 and 6 race each other for sixth. 60 drives under 18 and 6 gets by 18 for seventh.

The second caution comes out during the commercial for debris. 32 was already committed to coming to the pits before the caution comes out and must go around again to make his pit stop. 66 Steve Wallace gets back onto the lead lap. 22 chooses the outside for the restart. 12 had an uncontrolled tire and gets a penalty. 33 takes the lead. 22 takes the lead back. 60 and 11 race for fifth and 60 gets by. 18 and 11 race together. 18 gets a twitch and can’t get by. 7 Jamie McMurray gets by 18 for seventh. 88 and 20 race for tenth. 60 gets by 2. 6 and 32 race for twelfth. 6 complains of being too loose. 60 gets by 33 for second.

The third caution comes out during the commercial. 30 Kasey Kahne has a tire going down and scrapes the wall. 62 Michael Annett gets the free pass. 22 gets fuel only and chooses the outside. 22 and 60 battle for the lead and 22 keeps the lead. 32 gets by 88. 33 and 88 race for position and 33 gets by. 6 brushes the wall and 32 drives by. 32 races with 16. 7 and 12 split 88. 7 gets by 12. 33 gets by 6. 11 and 16 race for eighth. 60 and 22 battle for the lead, 60 gets loose and can’t get by. 33, 6 and 7 race each other. 7 and 33 get by 6. 12 drives under 6. 6 and 12 race each other with 11 right there. 6 and 11 get by 12.

60 takes the lead in traffic. 88 drives under 12 and 6. 22 (Sprint Cup driver) is being held up by lap cars. 33 and 88 race for position. 18 and 22 start Green Flag pitting. 60 stays out the longest and when he finally pits, he is out of fuel. The crew sprays with ether, they have a long pit and he stalls he car exiting his pit stall, but gets going. 22 is back in the lead. 2 and 11 race for second but 11 can’t get by. 88 gets by 6 for eighth and nearly gets into the wall. 60 drives under 2 for third. 11, 60 and 12 get by 2. 7 makes his final pit stop, forcing the rest of the drivers into making another round of Green Flag pitting. 18 has to back up in his stall to be serviced. 22 pits and 11 leads. 12 has a long pit stop. 11 and 60 pit together. 38 Jason Leffler leads, then pits. 22 is back in the lead.

There are ten cars on the lead lap. 33 and 6 touch as the race side by side. 12 goes to the apron and slides up ahead of 2. 12 brushes the wall. 32 is in tenth, the final car on the lead lap. Another Sprint Cup driver, going for the owner points in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, 22 Brad Keselowski wins the Dollar General 300 at Chicagoland Speedway. This was his first win at Chicagoland and his third of the year. Edwards finished second, followed by Scott, Almirola, Hornish, Sadler, McMurray, Stenhouse, Menard and Sorenson. The top eight in points remain the same. Stenhouse leads Sadler by fourteen points, followed by Sorenson, Almirola, Justin Allgaier, Leffler, Kenny Wallace and Steve Wallace. Scott and Annett trade ninth and tenth.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.


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