NASCAR Racing At Bristol


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Irwin Tools Night Race on Saturday night. While I should be posting the race review, I have a confession and comments to make instead. Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race on Friday night here in Bristol. And the media is big on Kyle and how great he is in their eyes. He won his 50th Nationwide race and is going for the Sprint Cup championship!

Now, since this is a night race on a Saturday, I had to make the choice of going to the local track for their night racing or turn on the television and have the announcers tell me how great they think Kyle is. I decided to go to the local track and tape the Bristol race. It turns out that hurricane Irene brought in rain before the racing was done, so I got to see the rest of the race. And since Kyle was not leading, I got to see some great racing without them bragging on Kyle. It turned out to be a great finish.

ABC broadcasted the race, however. The announcers were fine. But were only shown what they wanted us to see. There was no ticker at the top, so you had no idea where anyone was running or how far ahead the leader was. Or who was leading during Green Flag Pitting. They did, however, show 95 David Starr leading during the pitting. And at no time did they show 18 Busch leading, but he got the extra point for leading a lap. Starr did not. Perhaps because he is not running for the championship and gets no points. But I never saw Kyle lead and with the extra point for leading a lap I never saw him lead, he is tied with Jimmie Johnson for the championship points lead.

I will have a NASCAR race review after Victory Lane on tonight. Perhaps they can show me when Kyle led. And give some explanation for no ticker during the race. I sure do not want to have to watch another race on ABC if that is how they broadcast.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.

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2 Responses to “NASCAR Racing At Bristol”

  1. Susan Nelson Says:

    I’m not precisely sure about the point you are making, but if I am correct, you are not a Kyle Busch fan. Nonetheless, I have to say, I am soo tired of hearing about how great he is. His arrogance and obnoxious, aggressive, cold and sarcastic personality is disgusting. I pray he does NOT win the cup race! Anyone but him!

  2. Susan Nelson Says:

    I just re-read your blog, and now understand your meaning. It’s very disgusting to see ABC playing politics! For ratings? Well, most fans I know cannot stand the sight of K.B. (Myself included!) Thanks for sharing!

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