NASCAR Fan Commentary: Richard vs. Kyle


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The NASCAR news is all about Richard Childress beating up Kyle Busch. I’d like to give my commentary about it. First of all, I love NASCAR racing. I love watching the races. And I like most of the drivers. The media seems to be looking for someone to replace their beloved Dale Earnhardt. And they have fixated on Kyle Busch. He enters most of the races in the lower Series’ of Camping World Trucks and Nationwide. He can win shorter races like these with less competition and wins a lot. He is said to be a great wheel man because he can get into any Series and win. I say if he was that great a driver, instead of racing against Truck drivers and Rookies, he should get into a start and park car and see how well he does. Because Kyle is the media favorite, he is shoved down our throats at every broadcast. He has little respect for the Sport and doesn’t mind getting into others for position. But has a tantrum if anyone does the same thing to him.

Kyle is looking to get as many wins as Richard Petty (200), but he’s going to do this by combining the wins of the top three NASCAR Series’. In my opinion, he is an arrogant sob with no respect for anyone or anything. And should not be lauded because he can beat the Truck drivers and Rookies. Those Series’ are there for drivers who aren’t good enough to win in Sprint Cup and as a starting place to get up to Cup. Not as a playground for Kyle to get into the best equipment and win.

Last year Kyle got into Jeff Burton as Kyle decided it was time to go and if you don’t get out of his way so he can, he will get into you. Jeff drives for RCR. There was a confrontation after the race with Jeff telling Kyle not to be getting into his car to get by. Kyle punted Kevin Harvick a couple of times and there was a confrontation on pit road where Kyle ran the unmanned 29 car into the pit wall while Kevin got out to talk to Kyle. Both were put on probation for the incident. Richard declared that if Kyle messes up any more of his equipment, he would personally take care of it.

The Camping World Trucks were in Kansas with the Sprint Cup and Kyle was racing in his own 18 Truck. Joey Coulter in the #22 RCR Truck battled Kyle for fifth late in the race. Kyle got by, but Joey fought back and eventually took the position back by doing the very same move Kyle does to get by drivers. During the cool-down lap, Kyle came up to Joey’s Truck and ran into it. At the time, the announcers said he did this to show his displeasure. RCR was going to take this Truck to Texas, the next race. Now it would have to be repaired before they could do that. That set Richard on a rampage. Kyle once again, got into one of his vehicles after the race was over. And true to his word, he took care of matters. There was a confrontation in the garage and punches were thrown.

NASCAR fined Richard $150,000. And there was an uproar about an owner going after the Joe Gibbs Racing driver. However, Kyle was not a JGR driver at the time. He was a Kyle Busch Motorsports owner. NASCAR declared Kyle did no wrong, getting into the #22 Truck after the race. Before “boys have at it” I often said the drivers should do unto Kyle before he does unto them as there could be no retaliation.

In the race on Sunday at Pocono, a few RCR drivers raced Kyle door to door without getting into him. Kevin even moved Kyle down the track for position. NASCAR told them to knock it off and leave each other alone. Once again, Kyle is allowed to do whatever he wants, while others are warned to leave him alone. The 18 car, on Sunday was found to not meet the required height. The reporters said that penalties are possible. For other drivers not meeting height requirements after the race, penalties are imminent. For Kyle, they are possible.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR racing.


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