NASCAR News And A Fan Rant


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog.The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca Cola 600, the longest race of the year. Also in Charlotte is the NASCAR Nationwide Series for their Top Gear 300 race. Jason Leffler right now is fastest in practice. Probably the Cup drivers aren’t really trying yet. Certainly they are faster than Nationwide drivers.

In the news this week, Sprint Cup driver, Kyle Busch was caught speeding just outside of Charlotte. What’s the big deal about a race car driver speeding? Well, he was caught doing 128 mph on a two lane rural area in the middle of the afternoon. With a school on that street. The speed limit in that area is 45 mph. Can you imagine if you or I were going that fast on that kind of a street? They’d throw us in jail and take away our license. But Kyle is the media darling and they think it was just a child hood mistake. He’s sorry he was going that fast.

And NASCAR is letting him race in both races this weekend. The whole thing is being swept under the carpet because he is just a kid and made a mistake. Kyle is 26 years old. Kids are still in school. He is not a kid, although he sure acts like one. The media loves him because he gets into races in the top three NASCAR Series’ and beats the Truck drivers who never did anything in Cup. And the Rookies. And a few other Cup drivers. He’s touted as being able to get into anything and win.

My take? He can beat the little guys. Big deal. Any Cup driver can do that. I’m tired of hearing how great he is because he can beat everyone in the Minor Leagues. He’s an idiot and drives like one. No respect for anyone or anything. Is that what NASCAR needs? NASCAR to me is RACING. Wonderful, beautiful racing. Not idiots ramming into each other to win races.You move up to the Big Leagues, you start acting like a man. And don’t insist on beating the little guys to prove how great a driver you are. Kyle is not above the law because he can drive a race car. But the media thinks he should be. He said he was sorry. He’ll never do it again. Good enough for him to keep on racing. And we fans get to watch him and hear the media sing his praises. He is, after all, the best ever Nationwide driver. Oh, wait. He is a Sprint Cup driver. Perhaps the media should pick another driver to praise. Someone with Cup championships. If Kyle can win in anything he gets into, personally, I’d like to see how he does in one of the “start and park” cars. Put him in great equipment and he wins. I’d like to see how he does in not great equipment. Keep in mind, Kyle had a season high in Sprint Cup of eight wins. In 2008. Didn’t come close before or since. A better indication of being a great driver would be winning in the top Series. The Sprint Cup Series. Jimmie Johnson has proven you don’t have to drive like an idiot to win races and Championships. He has more than 50 wins and five Championships in a row. He beats the Big Boys, not the ones who never made it big in Cup.

Thank you for listening. Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR.


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