Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. While the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is at the Darlington Raceway in SC. for the Showtime Southern 500 night race, there is nothing going on during the day on Saturday. So I thought I’d post a rant. To make things perfectly clear, I fell in love with NASCAR after seeing my first race in 1996. I loved watching all those beautiful cars going so fast around the track so close to each other. And the best races were those that had few cautions. See, I like RACING. Not crashing.

Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt both have seven championships. They both beat the competition seven times and had the most points over the whole year. Richard Petty won 200 races in what is now Sprint Cup. Since then the Busch Series was born to get new faces into NASCAR. Some moved up to Cup. Others weren’t good enough and stayed to compete with each other in the “Minor Leagues”. The Series is now the NASCAR Nationwide Series. The Craftsman Truck Series was later born and these drivers tried Cup racing but never won at the higher level. The Series is now the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and is a starting point for drivers to get National recognition.

Cup drivers would occasionally race in the minor league races, mostly to get fans to watch these races. But they didn’t enter enough races to take away too many wins from the regular drivers. Until lately. Kevin Harvick started the trend in 2006 and went for the Busch championship and won it. Followed by Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski. Martin Truex, Jr. was the last Busch driver to win a championship. He, like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won two of them in a row before moving on to Cup. Brad couldn’t win the championship while in the Series, as the Cup drivers were busy winning it. He moved up to Cup and raced in all the Nationwide races to win the Nationwide Title.

This year NASCAR declared all drivers had to decide on which championship they would race for. Thus not letting a Cup driver win the championship in the Minor Leagues. However, the Cup drivers are still allowed to race in all the races and win all the races. The media ask each other before each race if a Nationwide driver can win the race. And the answer is always no, “these Cup guys will be hard to beat.” It looks like the Nationwide champion will win without a single trophy!

The media loves Kyle Busch because he can beat the little guys. He goes to Nationwide and breaks all the Busch/Nationwide records. And they lump all his Minor League Victories in with his Cup victories to show how great a driver he is! Richard Petty has 200 wins. Kyle is racing in the Minor Leagues and looking to get more than 200 in all three Series. And the Media thinks this is just grand! Frank Kimmel has nine championships in ARCA. Does that make him better than Petty or Earnhardt? Kyle has one Nationwide championship. And only twenty-some wins in Cup. But he sure can beat the little guys and a handful of Cup drivers! He’s good at short races with little competition. Does this make him the best driver ever? Hardly. This NASCAR race fan is getting tired of the media shoving him down our throats in the minor leagues.

I love the Truck Series and the Truck drivers. I love the Nationwide Series and the Nationwide drivers. I have my favorites in both Series. I have my favorites in K&N Pro East and West Series’. And I love watching ARCA and those drivers. I do not watch these races to see which Cup driver will win the race. I want my favorite to win. I almost don’t want to watch the Minor League races any more. Who wants to see Cup drivers take away all the wins from the regulars? Not this fan. It’s like watching Tiger Woods playing against the amateurs and LPGA. Sure, he can beat them, but who wants to watch that? Kyle can beat the little guys, but who wants to watch that? I guess Kyle fans do. And the media.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. Thank you for listening. I love NASCAR.


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