Denny Hamlin Wins His Own Charity Short Track Show Down


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. Each year Denny Hamlin hosts a charity race for his Denny Hamlin Foundation. This year the race was held at the Richmond International Raceway in VA. The Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown took place after the completion of the K&N Pro Series East race was completed after being Red Flagged for rain. Darrell Wallace, Jr. won that race, the Blue Ox 100. (That was a good clean caution-free race. And no Sprint Cup drivers were racing.)

Denny qualified for the pole position and eleced to start the race from the rear. (How I wish more Cup drivers racing in the lesser Series’ would do the same thing.) There was a crash on the first lap with a Red Flag and they started the race over. 51 Kyle Busch, starting near the front, led most of the laps, beating the K&N Pro Series drivers. 76 Max Gresham  was able to run him down before the break after 45 laps, but was caught up in a crash after the break.

There was a caution with ten laps to go. And another when Gresham spun. Followed by a Red Flag. Denny made his way through the field and took the lead when Kyle found himself not being able to pick up the fuel and weaving side to side to get fuel pick up. Denny came along and led the rest of the way to win his own Charity race after starting last.

That race was fun to watch, except for  Kyle leading most of the laps after starting near the front. He was able to beat all the K&N drivers (!!!). Denny was able to start from the rear and work his way up to the front and bump Kyle for the lead before Kyle ran out of gas, and win the race. (It would be wonderful if all Cup drivers racing in the lesser Series’ would start those races from the rear so we all could see them race their way to the front.)

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR.


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