NASCAR Race Review: Bully Hill Vineyards 200


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. On Friday the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series raced the Bully Hill Vineyards 200 at Nashville Superspeedway. The winner of this race receives a Sam Bass designed Gibson guitar as a trophy. This race marked the 200th Truck race and a cake was presented to Matt Crafton (88) who is the only Truck driver in this race who has competed in all 199 races.

18 Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch started from the pole and won the race. There were six cautions. And that’s about all I can tell you about this race because it was not about Truck drivers, but rather about what a great driver Kyle is. How many laps he has led in all three NASCAR top Series’. How many wins he has in all three Series. Frankly, it made the whole race not worth watching. How did your favorite Truck driver do? The media doesn’t care. They are only interested in how well Kyle is doing in Trucks and Nationwide.

To me this is like a Baseball Pro going to the AA and AAA Leagues and then bragging about how he is the best Pro Baseball player ever! Or Tiger Woods beating the amateurs and Ladies. And then the media coming along and saying he is the best Pro Golfer because he can beat the amateurs and Ladies most every time he tries.

I suppose if you are a Kyle Busch fan, this was an exciting race. Take a Cup driver, put him in Cup caliber equipment with a Cup caliber crew and he is bound to run away with the race. But is that kind of racing, something NASCAR Camping World Truck Series fans want to watch? And make sure the announcers cover how much better a driver he is than any of the Truck drivers. Well, duh! These Truck drivers cannot compete with Cup drivers. Some have tried and never even won a race. They found a Series where they can compete with each other and actually win races. And Championships. Kyle comes along and takes away all their glory. This is his own Truck, so somehow that makes it better. Kasey Kahne, a fellow Cup driver won in the 18 truck earlier this year. And the 18 won the Owners Chamionship last year with Cup drivers racing the truck with maybe a couple of  Truck drivers. Is this what the Series is about? I hope not.

Saturday the NASCAR Nationwide Series will qualify for and race in the Nashville 300 here in Lebenon, TN. Kyle is also entered and was the fastest in practice. (He sure is better than those Minor Leaguers, isn’t he?) I have to watch because I am a NASCAR fan and love watching racing. But his being in the race sure does put a damper on the whole thing. I have an idea. Why don’t we all talk about how great a Cup driver Kyle is? How many wins he has in Sprint Cup. How many Cup Championships he has won. Or how close he has gotten to winning a Cup Championship. Then again, there would be nothing to talk about.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I love NASCAR.


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