NASCAR: New season, New Changes


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. This fan Commentary is from a die hard NASCAR fan. I have loved NASCAR since the first race I ever saw. However, the “new”  NASCAR is leaving me wondering what it was that made me fall in love with the sport to begin with. All the changes to the sport in the last several years have made NASCAR a different sport, as far as I can see.

NASCAR is now trying to be like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) by making changes to make things “more entertaining”. They no longer race each week, but “put on a great show for the fans”. NASCAR wants the football fan watching racing. So now NASCAR has a “playoff system”. Let me explain something about NASCAR that those in charge may not be aware of. NASCAR racing is 43 drivers racing in 36 points paying races a year. And it used to be that way. 43 drivers racing in 36 races.

Of course, it still is this way. 43 drivers in 36 races. Only now the first 26 races is the “regular” season where they race to get into the chase. And they keep changing how you get into the chase and how many will qualify to be in the chase. Now, tell me. If this playoff is such a great idea, why does it have to be “fixed” all the time? Either it is great and the fans love it, or it isn’t and needs to be ditched.

I run a fantasy league with a few close friends. We all pick one driver per track for each half of the year. This year I can’t find anyone still willing to keep up with NASCAR and the sport it has become. One guy owed “Jack”‘s entry because Jack did better than him. He gave me a check for Jack and said “I quit.” I asked why, that the entry fee wasn’t much, or was it because he can’t beat Jack. Here’s his letter back.

It’s not the money or that I don’t think I can win.  As far as Jack goes, I can beat him like a drum!!  I’m just tired of the drama and bullshit associated with the sport.  NASCAR officials have ruined the sport that was once great. Ten years ago, NASCAR was the fastest growing sport there was………, it’s losing fans faster than Obama Care.
They took a simple sport (let’s race to see who has the fastest car) and sissified it with all their stupid rules; which incidentally, are not written in stone…..they change them as they see fit, depending on which driver is involved.
I always hated restrictor plates at super-speedways.  Do you have one on your car?  I’m certain that whatever you are driving today, that your vehicle has the potential to go over twice the posted speed limit on most highways. You have air bags and other safety devices, but so far, you are the one who has been left with the responsibility of driving at a speed that will keep your car under control and  on the road.  I spent over $600 for travel expenses and tickets to Talladega last October, and sat twenty rows up, right on the finish line, just to watch a bunch of assholes run single file for most of the race.  I recorded the race and scanned through it when I got home, and heard the announcer say “what an exciting race it was”.  Well, maybe on TV it was exciting, but all I say was boring, boring, boring.
Another stupid rules change was the “lucky dog”.  What is this???  Is this a sport where men risk their lives from the time the green flag falls, or is it a child’s board game that has been brought to life for television??  I guess it was too exciting for NASCAR officials to watch the drivers race to the finish line when the caution flag came out.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Since his father’s death, NASCAR has tried to promote Jr. as the second coming.  It took this moron about five years to learn to speak in from of a camera, he has never, nor will he ever win a Sprint Cup Championship, yet they have tried for years to make him the face of NASCAR.  And his fans……..they call it “Jr. Nation”.  It should be called  “redneck asshole nation”.  Now I’m not talking about all Jr. fans, but when I pay up to $85.00 a ticket to see a race, I’d like to see the race!  Every time he takes the lead in a race (which isn’t very often) twenty rednecks in front of me stand up and wave him across the finish line, like it’s the last lap.  Then, ten laps later he’s in 25th position, near or at where he will most likely finish.
I don’t know if you agree with me on any of the above bitches I have so far, but I know you agree with this one….THE CHASE!!!  There’s no need for me to elaborate on this subject.  However much you hate it, I hate it that much, and more.
Before I air my next gripe, let me first say that I think that Jimmy Johnson is a GREAT driver, and Chad Knaus is perhaps the best crew chief ever. They have a great team.
The spoiler changes, and what I like to call “the Jimmy Johnson Show”.  Anybody who pays any attention to what’s going on can see that NASCAR has given up on Jr., and decided that they favor JJ.  Before they went to the bigger spoiler, JJ was dominating the sport, then, he couldn’t drive nails with the larger spoiler.  Well, we can’t have this now can we, so, like the typical rednecks that they are, they changed the rules in the middle of the game, and went back to the smaller spoiler…….and behold……our champion is back on top!!!!!!!  It seem to me that NASCAR officials do everything they can to find ways to make him win.
I’m sick and tired of NASCAR officials picking and choosing who to penalize, and who to make up new rules for. They  make exceptions for whoever they want as they go along.  I’ve seen Jr., Jimmy, Kurt Bush, and others violate speeding or other rules in the pits, and have NASCAR come up with a stipulation in the rule book that exonerates them,while just last week or last pit stop, another “lesser” driver committed the exact same offense, but was penalized.  How does Kevin Harvick get a pit road speeding penalty at a critical point in the final race,  when he is bumper to bumper with the car in front of him, and the car behind him is bumper to bumper with him, and neither of them are speeding????How do Carl Edwards,  Greg Biffle and some others manage to go maybe six laps on fumes when everybody else is running out of fuel, and still have plenty of fuel to do a burnout and victory lap??  How do Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Kurt Bush and some others blatantly and obviously intentionally wreck somebody, and NASCAR ignores it, when others are disciplined??
I’m aware that NASCAR finally has changed the rule on running both Sprint Cup and Nationwide races.  I’ve been bitching about this for years.  You can not do that in any other professional sport.  The closest thing to it is in baseball, where a player who in not playing up to par, for say,  the Yankees, can be sent down to the minors to get more game practice.  But A-Rod can’t go down to N.Y.’s minor league affiliate to help them win a championship.  Tom Brady can’t go QB a semi-pro football team to win a championship.  Michael Jordon couldn’t go back to NC to help them win a NCAA championship when he was still playing.  Only in NASCAR.  Imagine being the best driver on the Nationwide circuit, and week after week after week you’re racing for 10th place of lower, because they allow a bunch of “ringers” to race in your league.
I’m tired of idiot drivers who can’t find pit road, who can’t obey speed limits, who just make stupid mistakes time and again. For me, NASCAR racing has become pro wrestling on wheels. It’s phony, It’s fake, and winners are for the most part pre-determined.  Sound crazy?? Maybe it is….maybe I am…….but that’s the way I feel about it and I doubt if I will be watching much NASCAR in the future. Life gets shorter every day, and I’m not going to waste mine watch a sport I once loved committing suicide and go down in flames.
Thanks for letting me vent…..I feel much better now.  I think I’ll go hit some golf balls.


Oh, I almost forgot…….Did you know that in the superbowl this year, Payton Manning is going to QB the Steelers and his little brother Ely is standing by for Green Bay in case Rogers is too sore to play?  Why not???  Johnson took Jiffies’ Rainbow Warriors the last four races of the chase because his team couldn’t make a pit stop under two minutes!!!!!!!!  What’s the difference??? It’s all bullshit and drama to make sure the right guy wins.
This is the feelings of most of the fans that were watching and loving NASCAR before the start of the chase. The ratings show the chase is not needed or wanted. And many will not come back as long as there is a chase. Racing excitement is much more exciting than manufactured excitement. In my Opinion as a racing fan, we don’t want to be like football. We don’t want to be like WWE. We liked the NASCAR that had 43 drivers racing in 36 races a year and the driver with the most points won the championship.
I will say that the Lucky Dog is needed. You can no longer race to the line to get your lap back when a caution came out. The race is now frozen and you cannot race to get it back. With doublefile restarts and the lap cars in the back, they would never get a lap back. But he’s right about the rest.
There will be fans like me who just love to watch racing still watching. Although the media makes it really hard. And there will be some new fans who like Jimmie Johnson winning all the chapionships (the last five in a row, all chases). But it sure looks like NASCAR is on a suicide mission. It’s not about racing any more. It’s about chasing. And that is what it is doing to the fans. Chasing them away.
Brought to you by Sheila Hawley.


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