Kyle Dumps Brad For The Bristol Win


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. Today is more a commentary than anything. Last night in the Food City 250 at Bristol Motor Speedway, I was watching a pretty exciting race. Until Kyle Busch decided he had to win the race. Kyle won the NASCAR Camping World Truck O’Reilly 200 race at Bristol on Wednesday. He started on the pole but had engine issues and started from the rear. To win that race, he first had to race through the field to get to the front. That he did, taking out Rookie Jennifer Jo Cobb. I felt that if he was the driver the media makes him out to be, he wouldn’t have needed to do that. He would have raced by her instead.

Last night Kyle and Brad Keselowski were racing hard for the lead and the win. Kyle couldn’t get by. They tried it again. Kyle couldn’t get by. Kyle tried again. This time he pulled in front of Brad, but wasn’t clear.  Kyle lost control and Brad got into him, then passed him back. Kyle then dumped Brad to keep  the lead. Kyle’s reasoning was that Brad didn’t do the crossover to try again, but got into him when Kyle wasn’t clear. And that he (Brad) takes others out, so why shouldn’t he (Kyle)? Brad is on probation because Carl Edwards dumped him twice this year. So Brad can’t retaliate.

I have to ask if this is the kind of racing we want to see. Carl took Brad out because Brad took the lead from him. And Carl didn’t want Brad to win. So, does that mean that when Brad takes the lead from anyone, they can go ahead and dump him? Last I heard, NASCAR is about racing, not about dumping. What makes Kyle think he’s the only one who should win? NASCAR should put him on probation along with Carl and Brad. It looks to me like Kyle can only win after he takes out the competition. Not my idea of racing. Thank you for listening.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I (mostly) love NASCAR.


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