NASCAR Racing: In My Opinion


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. The feud between Brad Keselowski and Carl Edward is all around the world. NASCAR has not imposed any penalties. In my opinion, NASCAR needs to do something about Carl. At the start of the season, NASCAR announced that they would have a hands-off policy about pay-backs. That the drivers should police themselves. This would make for more exciting racing if the drivers weren’t worried about penalties for getting into one another.

And I have to agree with the policy. Rubbing is racing, after all. However, I think Carl has taken this policy just a little too far. Earlier in Atlanta the two of them got together on track. Carl felt Brad should have moved over for him. And when he didn’t, Carl was moved up the track and into Joey Logono. They both ended up in the wall.

The question then becomes, does Brad have to give up his position because Carl wants it, and Carl has seniority? Or was that just a racing incident, where both drivers wanted the same real estate? Carl went to the garage for repairs. Brad kept on racing. After 156 laps, Carl came back on the track with the intent to take Brad out. Carl had 156 laps to think about what happened. He got to watch the replay over and over. And even admitted that the incident didn’t look as malicious as he had thought.

Yet Carl ran Brad down and turned him so that he ended up going in the air, upside down. Brad was running in the top ten at the time. Carl admitted having turned Brad on purpose to pay back for all the wrongs that Brad had ever done to him the previous year in the Nationwide Series. He just didn’t mean to send him into the air. Carl was parked for the rest of the race. Only a handful left to go.

NASCAR thought about their hands-off policy and decided maybe he crossed the line. And gave Carl three weeks probation. The fans were mixed on their reaction. Some said Brad deserved it. Some said Carl needs to control his anger. Some said this was more than a racing incident, and that Carl crossed the line and should have been given more than just probation.  Either way it was the talk of the town, so to speak. The two of them were called into the hauler about it and they both emerged as friends.

NASCAR commented that maybe there should be a line and maybe what Carl did was that line. Last week at Gateway International Raceway the two of them were racing in theNASCAR Nationwide race. Brad dominated the race. Carl couldn’t catch him. Until the final caution that brought the field together. As you know, there is now double-file restarts. So, the leader can’t just take off and run away from the field.

The end of the race was a Green White Checker finish. Brad and Carl raced each other for the lead. Very exciting. Only Brad got into Carl. He didn’t take him out. Just moved him over. This happens all the time. It’s called racing for position. Carl took offense at being touched and sent Brad spinning into the wall. Brad then crossed the track and into the inside wall where he collected more cars. Carl hit Brad with such force that he had trouble controlling his car. Carl won the race. And moves closer to Brad in the Championship battle.

Carl admitted taking Brad out because Brad got into him and Carl had to do what he could to win the race. And  I have to ask the question, will Carl take out any driver who bumps him out of the way? Or just Brad? Will all the drivers have to give their positions to Carl so that they don’t suffer his wrath? And I also have to ask, is this what the fans call racing? Is this what the fans wanted when NASCAR told them to “have at it”? This was not a racing incident. This was deliberate.

I just heard that Carl was fined 60 points that he got from wrecking Brad. And that is good. They are both on probation. Maybe now the rest of the drivers will be able to pass Carl without worry of getting into him and Carl seeking retribution.

I love NASCAR racing. I have since I saw my first race. What happened here was not racing. If nothing had been done, I was about to not want to watch any more. Thank goodness, I will be able to continue to watch. Racing is my Passion. Crashing is not. Especially when it is deliberate. Thank you for listening.

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  1. Carl Edwards docked, fined for wrecking Brad Keselowski | International News - Stay up to date with the latest World News, Finance & Business, Green News, Technology and Sports Says:

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  2. Mikel Says:

    Hi Sheila

    First of all congratulations for your articles. I appreciate so much you let me use them in NASCAR-EUROPE.

    I don´t know if you check your posts in NASCAR-EUROPE very often, but I have to tell you they are very succesful, and you have some comments you could answer:

    Some of U.S web sites are linking to your posts, so you have many readers in your own country!

    Please email me to my personal email account and I will tell you more (you have it because I logged in to your blog)

    Good job Sheila!

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