NASCAR Sprint Cup Drivers in NASCAR Nationwide Races


Welcome NASCAR fans to my NASCAR blog. NASCAR is discussing Sprint Cup drivers who race in the lower Series, the NASCAR Nationwide Series. For the past four years, Sprint Cup drivers come away at the end of the Season with the Nationwide trophy. Depriving up and coming talent from seat time, wins and Championships. I have to agree, it has become a problem.

One pit reporter said a possible solution would be to not give purse money or points to them. They bring in Sponsors and fans, so they should be allowed to race with the Nationwide drivers. But they don’t need the money and they don’t need to race for a trophy.

That solution sounds right, but if they continue to win all the races and just not give them the points, are there two winners? The Cup driver who won the race and the Nationwide driver who did the best? And give the points and money to them? That makes it too complicated.

Cup drivers have been racing in the “Busch League” with the regular drivers since forever. But there are more and more of them in every race that the Nationwide drivers don’t stand a chance of ever winning anything. In their own Series.

I have a better idea. Limit the number of races each Cup driver can enter. They can pick, say, seven tracks they each want to race on. Or, if they don’t want to be limited to seven races, make them all start from the rear. Pretend they made an unauthorized adjustment and have them all drop to the rear. In the order they qualified. They can get the Coors Light Pole Award, but they all start from the rear. Now, wouldn’t that be fun watching them battle their way to the front? I say it would, indeed, be fun to watch. And if one of them makes their way to the front, good for them! They would deserve the win. Just a suggestion.

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4 Responses to “NASCAR Sprint Cup Drivers in NASCAR Nationwide Races”

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