Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. This week the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is in California for the sixteenth race of the Sprint Cup Season. NASCAR racing is at the road course at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. Coors Light pole Sprint Cqualifying took place on Friday with Kasey Kahne capturing the pole with a speed of 93.893 miles an hour around this 1.99 mile twisty, turny track. He is driving the same car he won with last year, only with a new Ford engine replacing his Dodge engine of last year. He knocked Jimmie Johnson off the pole to do it. Jimmie has never won at a road course. They will practice today to get things right for the race tomorrow.

While the Sprint Cup drivers are in California, the NASCAR Nationwide Series drivers are in Wisconsin at another road course. Road America is a huge track, over four miles long. This is the first time NASCAR has been to this track. Nationwide drivers got an extra practice session on Thursday to see how the track is. Sprint Cup driver, Paul Menard is the only driver who has been to this track and is in the field for the Nationwide race. Look for him to do well, as he  has won here earlier in his career. Paul is from Wisconsin.

However, I have a gripe with ESPN. They have exclusive TV rights to the NASCAR Nationwide Series. But there was no television coverage of practice because they were televising the Soccer Open. Now, ESPN has several different crews on different channels and in my opinion, they should have made the attempt to cover this first race at this new track. I have to wonder if they will televise the group qualifying, or will Soccer take precedence? Maybe NASCAR should reconsider them as the exclusive home of the Nationwide Series.

Last week in Michigan, there was a late caution for debris with fifteen laps to go. Denny Hamlin was leading by more than nine seconds. TNT went to a commercial and the caution was out when we got back. Denny says the caution came out to make the racing more exciting. NASCAR defends itself by saying they must error on the side of safety. Kasey Kahne was running in second and said he saw debris. Denny didn’t. In my opinion, Kasey wanted the caution so he could catch up with Denny. So, he saw the debris. Denny won anyway. But the question still remains, was there really debris? The track is two miles long and the leader is hard to catch. I never like it when the caution comes out during the commercial. Especially for debris. All the camera crew showed us was some duct tape, which will not cut tires or do damage to the cars out there. Michigan International Speedway is known for it’s lack of cautions and the leader running away because there is so much room to race.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. See you later!


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