NASCAR Racing: Sprint All-Star Race


Welcome NASCAR race fans to my NASCAR blog. Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts the Sprint All-Star Race. The race was going to be held at different tracks each year. The second All-Star race was at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Bill Elliott tromped everyone on his home track. However, since the teams are mostly in the Charlotte area and the Coca Cola 600 is the next weekend, NASCAR decided All-Star races would forever be held in Concord, NC. at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

This is a non-points race for all the race winners from the previous year and from this year prior to the All-Star race. Also included in the race are prior Champions within the last ten years who didn’t win a race and prior All-Star winners who didn’t win a race. 71 Bobby Labonte was the 2000 Winston Cup Champion and will be in the race this year. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the event in his Rookie year, 2000 and is in the race this year. Both will have to win a race this year or next to be in the race next year. Sixteen drivers won races this year or last. The winner of the All-Star Showdown and second place are in the race. And filling the final 21st spot is fan favorite, 99 Carl Edwards.

Before the race, the drivers and their crew are introduced to the crowd. Michael Walrip won the race more than ten years ago after getting in the race by winning the Showdown. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Martin Truex, Jr. both won the All-Star race in their Rookie year. Kasey Kahne was the fan favorite and won the race!

The first segment is 50 laps, with a pit stop for four tires, on lap 25 during the Green Flag. Segments two and three are 20 laps. Then a ten minute break where they can make adjustments, but not take tires. Followed by a pit stop for tires and a ten lap sprint to the Finish. Basket Ball Super Star, Michael Jordan waves the Green Flag.

2 Kurt Busch is on the pole by virtue of drawing the first to qualify. He chooses to start from the outside and leads the race. 48 Jimmie Johnson, 12 Brad Keselowski and 24 Jeff Gordon are three-wide. 24 gets into the wall. 39 Ryan Newman is falling back. 48 sails by 20 Joey Logano. 2 and 1 Jamie McMurray battle for the lead. 48 gets by 1 for second. 1 and 20 battle for third. 2 and 48 battle for the lead and 48 takes the lead. 20 and 18 Kyle Busch battle for  fourth. 18 gets by 20 and 1.

The pits close with three laps to lap 25 and the mandatory pit stop. Out of the pits, it’s 18, 2, 48, 20 and 1. 9 Kasey Kahne and 83 Casey Mears get together on the apron before blending in, onto the track. 83 and 5 Mark Martin also get together, leaving 83 with a tire rub. 48 had right front trouble in the pits.

2 gets into 18. 48 and 2 battle for second. 2 takes the lead away from 18. At the end of the first segment, the Yellow Flag comes out. 83 Casey Mears gets his lap back. 2 Kurt Busch wins the first segment.

The second segment is 20 laps and caution laps  count. 48 comes out of the pits first to lead. 11 Denny Hamlin goes low and almost into 18. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took no tires during the pit stop and gets into the wall. 99 Carl Edwards gets into 20. 2 and 5 Mark Martin battle for third, but 5 can’t get by. 2 scrapes the wall and 5 and 11 get by. 2 and 18 battle as the fourth caution comes out to end segment 2. 48 Jimmie Johnson wins the second segment.

Those who took four tires during the last pit stop now stay out. 48 fakes coming to the pits, but stays out. Seven drivers stay out. Segment 3 is 20 laps and caution laps count. 48 chooses the outside. 1 and 5 battle for second. 18 stacks them up at the restart. 11 gets by 5. 11 touches 1 to get by. 2 gets into the wall. 5 gets by 1. 12 and 20 battle. 2 gets into the wall again. 18 gets by 20. 12 drives under 1. 9 gets into the wall.  18 snaps loose, but gets by 1. 18 and 12 get by 1. And 48 Jimmie Johnson wins segment 3.

Now comes a ten minute pit stop, but they can’t take tires. They come out of the pits the same way they went in and they will make a pit stop for tires. Segment 4 is a ten lap shoot-out and caution laps do not count. 11 and 18 come out first and second and 11 chooses the outside.

20 looks inside and gets up into 5, bringing out the caution. 20 got into the grass into 5. 5 spins, 1 gets into 5 and they take out 00 David Reutimann, 24 , 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 1, 14 Tony Stewart, 99 and 9. They did not complete a lap, so there are still ten laps to go.

11 again chooses the outside and keeps the lead. 18 gets loose. 18 and 48 battle for second. 48 gets loose and 18 gets by. 11 and 18 battle for the lead. 11 won’t let 18 by and 18 gets into the wall. 2 takes the lead. 48 gets by 11 for second. 20 and 56 get by 18. 83 gets into the wall and pits. 20 gets by 11.

The caution comes out again when 18 blows a tire and takes 9 with him. Kyle is mad at team mate Denny for cutting him off and not letting him by. But this is the all or nothing race, and Denny didn’t have to let Kyle by. Kyle waits at Denny’s hauler.

With three laps to go, 2 chooses the outside. 48 is on the edge of the apron, 11 doesn’t give him room and 48 spins into the infield, bringing out the caution with two laps to go. Thirteen cars are left with two to go. 56 gets by 20 for second.

And 2 Kurt Busch wins the 2010 All-Star Race. Not 48 again and not JGR as was predicted. The fan vote finishes last. All in all, an exciting race.

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  1. Roland Wiseley Says:

    Completely understand what your stance in this matter. Although I would disagree on some of the finer details, I think you did an awesome job explaining it. Sure beats having to research it on my own. Thanks

  2. Lacy Rohner Says:

    Heard about this site from my friend. He pointed me here and told me I’d find what I need. He was right! I got all the questions I had, answered. Didn’t even take long to find it. Love the fact that you made it so easy for people like me. More power

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