NASCAR Racing: Talladega


NASCAR racing is once again being canceled by Mother Nature. Big storms are coming to Alabama and Talladega Superspeedway. Qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and all activities for Saturday have been canceled. Yesterday, while practicing, drivers asked if they should practice their qualifying set ups if there would not be qualifying. NASCAR assured them that qualifying would be at 10:00AM on Saturday and that they should practice with their qualifying set ups.I have to wonder why NASCAR said that when storms were coming. The drivers could have spent the time just practicing.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series was scheduled to race Saturday afternoon. That, too was canceled. The race is now scheduled to run after the Aaron’s 499 on Sunday. However, will there be enough time to complete the race? The media says yes, as the only laps that matter are the last 100 laps anyway. But do NASCAR fans want to see only half a race? In my opinion, if there is not enough time to race the whole race, NASCAR shouldn’t get it started, but run the whole race on Monday instead. But I am only a NASCAR fan!

Since qualifying for the Aaron’s 499 was canceled, they will line up according to owner points on Sunday. That puts Jimmie Johnson on the pole. The Aaron’s 312 Nationwide race will be at 5:30 on ESPN2 on Sunday. Hopefully there will be enough time before dark to get the whole race in.

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