NASCAR Hall Of Fame Inductees


Welcome, race fans to my blog. This post is strictly a NASCAR comment, and in my opinion. 25 heroes of NASCAR, from it’s beginnings, to the present were nominated to be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which will be completed next year. Five were voted into the first class.The fans got to vote. And newscasters from around NASCAR also got to vote. There was a final panel that set down the five that were to be in the first class. The decision was made on Wednesday.

In my opinion, this first class should be the pioneers of the sport. The ones that started it all and influenced the way it is today. And with that having been said, I disagree with what was decided upon. The five who are being inducted are: William H. G. France, his son, Bill France, Jr., Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson.

I agree with the France’s getting in. Bill, Sr. started the sport. He made racing a sport and put rules into place to govern the sport. He started it all. Bill, Jr. took over and made the sport National. He built upon his father’s idea and took it to the next level. Richard Petty has 200 wins in NASCAR. And seven championships. He’s the King of NASCAR.

But with the thinking that this first class should be the pioneers, I’m not sure he should be included. His Father, Lee started his own team and raced in the beginning. He was one of the pioneers of the sport. In my opinion, Lee should have been in the first class instead of Richard. Just my opinion. Richard is still alive and could get into a future class.

Dale Earnhardt also has seven Championships. He was a fan favorite. And who knows how many more races he could have won, or championships he could have gotten had he not died at the end of the 2001 Daytona 500? But he was not a pioneer in the sport. He was part of the modern era. So, although he is in everyone’s heart that voted, he should not have been in the first class. In my opinion.

Junior Johnson won many races and championships both as a driver and later as an owner. A remarkable NASCAR career. But, again, he was not a pioneer of the sport. So, in my opinion, should not have been included in this first class.

In addition to Pearson, Yarborough and Allison, the other 17 nominees not selected were Buck Baker, Red Byron, Richard Childress, Richie Evans, Tim Flock, Rick Hendrick, Ned Jarrett, Bud Moore, Raymond Parks, Benny Parsons, Lee Petty, Fireball Roberts, Herb Thomas, Curtis Turner, Darrell Waltrip, Joe Weatherly and Glen Wood. (From NASCAR Scene Daily)

Red Byron won the first NASCAR sanctioned race and Championship. And should have been included. He was after all, the first. A pioneer in NASCAR. In my opinion.

However, the fans voting, know Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. And their votes were taken into consideration. After all, without the fans there would be no sport. I just think, for this first class, the pioneers of the sport should have been acknowledged before everyone else. In my opinion.

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