Comment: AAA 400


Hello, race fans. Welcome to my blog. I was watching the replay of the AAA 400, the second race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup. And the big crash where 20 Joey Logano went tumbling down the track. And I noticed something I didn’t notice at the time, even with all the replays. Bobby Labonte came down on Logano. Logano checked up. Tony Stewart got into Logano and sent him into the inside wall and back up the track. He then slid into Reed Sorenson, who was already there. Martin Truex comes along, into Sorenson. And the three of them were wedged together. But what I didn’t notice, was that Robby Gordon got into Sorenson on the top, which sent Sorenson into Logano. And that’s when he started tumbling. When I saw it the first time, and the many replays, I didn’t notice that it was Robby who started Joey tumbling.

I had reported that Tony hit Joey when he checked up. And that Joey went back up the track, into Reed. And Martin got into Reed and Robby got into Reed. And Joey went tumbling. But when I  saw it today, Joey, Reed and Martin were tangled together until Robby got into Reed, who went forward into Joey and got him air born.

So, that’s the rest of the story. At least from my perspective. A tumble like that usually happens at Talladega or Daytona in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Not at Dover International Speedway. And I had to look again to see why this happened. And I found my answer. I’m not blaming Robby. How could he know? But, in my opinion, that’s why it happened the way it did. Thanks for listening.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley


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