In My Opinion: Kyle Busch


The Media just loves Kyle. The fans just hate him. And Kyle just loves being hated. Okay, he can drive. But is he as great as the Media makes him out to be? In my opinion, definitely not. Yes, he wins races. Last year, in his fourth year in the Sprint Cup Series, he had eight wins. Is that a lot? Sure. More than some, but not as many as some. Carl Edwards had nine wins the same year. Jeff Gordon won his first Championship in his third full year in Winston Cup with seven wins. Kyle had only four wins in his first three years. I’m sure the Media noticed that at the time. They must have forgotten, though.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. once spun out into the infield at a track, and when he got out of the car, he bowed to the fans to show that he was alright. Kyle took that bow and made it his own when he wins. Carl Edwards does a back-flip from the car when he wins. He doesn’t tell you he got that from another driver. But he made it his own. I guess Kyle can’t do a back-flip, because he didn’t take that from Carl.

Kyle Busch decided he was going to prove to the masses that he is the best driver ever. And the Media jumped on the bandwagon. But he wasn’t going to do it by winning all the races in Sprint Cup and collecting Championships in that Series. No, he will enter as many races as he can in the lower Series. So, as a Pro in Cup, he will race against the amateurs in the Nationwide Series and the drivers who couldn’t win in Cup, competing in the Camping World Truck Series.

Does that make him a better driver than, say, three-time Cup Champion, Jimmy Johnson? Or four-time Cup Champion, Jeff Gordon? Hardly. It only proves he’s better than the drivers who never made it in Cup. Yes, he amassed many wins last year in the three NASCAR Series. And the Media quickly picked up on that, saying he could get into any car or truck and win. But does that really prove that he is a great driver? In my opinion, no.

Kyle doesn’t know how to loose. The Media says that’s because he’s the ONLY one who wants to win. I beg to differ. EVERY driver out there, in all Series WANTS to win. They wouldn’t be racing if they didn’t think they could win. Kyle needs to grow up. It was cute when he started out as the youngest driver to win certain races. And pouted and stormed off when he didn’t. But he’s 24 now and still runs away from the fans and Media when he doesn’t win. He’ll never be a great driver until he can own up to not winning.

See, you can’t win them all. No one can. No matter how much you may want to. And, in my opinion, Lady Luck has a lot to do with winning. Kyle snubs her every time he bows. And look at what happened in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup last year. He won eight races in the regular Season. And fell on his face during the last ten races of the Chase.

Can he drive? Sure. Is he the best driver out there? Definitely not. Collecting wins in the lower Series doesn’t make him a better driver. It just makes him better than the amateurs. Big deal. Maybe one day he’ll grow up and realize Cup is where he wants to race. And where he wants to do well. And that you have to take the wins along with the losses. And not be an idiot on and off the track. But I doubt it.

He wasn’t in the Truck race in Texas because he was in Pocono. He attempted the triple-header last year and fell flat on his face. But that Truck race was great. Maybe because it was Truck drivers competing with each other. And no Kyle in the line-up. And the announcers were talking about the Truck drivers instead of Kyle Busch. (They say his name with capital letters.) The Nationwide race wasn’t as wonderful. Kyle was on the pole. Anyone can lead from the pole and pull away. It should have been a great race because it should have been all Nationwide drivers, as Cup drivers were in Pocono. But Kyle and Carl had to ruin a good race. In my opinion. The idiot even smashed the guitar trophy! Talk about immature!

Grow up, Kyle. Driving “three-wide all by himself”, as the Media says, more often than not will only cause a crash. Not make you a better driver. In my opinion.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley. See you after the Pocono 500.


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