Top Twelve Reasons Ratings Are Down


I’d like to give my personal top twelve reasons that the ratings are down. Why twelve?  Twelve seams to be the magic number these days and part of the problem. If a driver isn’t in the top twelve in the NASCAR Sprint Cup points, they don’t get a mention. And this is part of the problem. So, with that said, here are my twelve reasons ratings are down. In no particular order.

  1. Darrell Waltrip. Now I know he was a great driver in his day. And he may have a lot to say. And “boogety, boogety, boogety. Let’s go racing boys” started out as cute. But it’s become rather annoying.
  2. Larry McReynolds. Again, he may know his stuff. But the way he presents it is most annoying. He butchers the English language, throwing in “Hillbilly” words. NASCAR is no longer a Southern Sport. But with him announcing, it sounds like one. (How does one become “extry” careful?)
  3. Mike Joy. He’s full of useless information. And has to keep correcting himself. I find myself correcting him. He says things like “Wow, what a great race for the lead” before we go to commercial. Can’t they wait until the pass is made before we go to the commercial?
  4. Jeff Hammond. A great crew chief in his time. But now that he is “Hollywood” Hammond, it’s all about himself instead of racing.
  5. Digger. FOX put in a new camera and DW named it Digger. Now they have cartoons about Digger and his friends. It may be cute for the kids, but the character is annoying at best for the rest of us. And I’m wondering where the proceeds go when people purchase Digger items. The camera is great. But making a camera a character is not about racing. Just another reason someone may not want to tune in.
  6. Chris Meyers. He thinks he’s a stand-up comedian. And he interrupts himself so he can get a laugh. I want to hear all about NASCAR. And humor is good. But he isn’t that funny. Again, just annoying.
  7. Cautions during the commercials. Now I know there needs to be commercials. But maybe NASCAR is overbooking them. They go to commercials when good racing is going on. And many times during each race, we get back with the Yellow Flag already flying. Can’t they go to the commercials after the wreck instead of during it? So they come back to a yellow flag and do a replay of what happened. Then they go back to commercials. They do a few more replays and maybe set the field, and go back to commercials. And when they get back, they are already restarted and they have to show us the restart. And after the commercial, they have to show us the Sponsors. Instead of what is going on on the track. I could go on. No one wants to tune in to watch commercials with a bit of racing thrown in.
  8. Steve Byrnes. He’s not as bad as Chris Meyers, but he really doesn’t have much of anything to say. So, why is he there? Just to annoy the fans?
  9. Brad Daugherty. Come on, he’s a football player. Why doesn’t he announce for the NFL. Yes, he’s an owner. But do we really have to listen to his comments? Maybe if he was excited about the Sport instead of just Kyle Busch. (That would be # 13, and I’m not going there.)
  10. The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. NASCAR is 43 drivers racing against each other on 36 weekends a year. Brian France decided the only reason anyone watches football is because it has a play-off. And then the Super Bowl. And he wanted NASCAR to have a sort of play-off. Supposedly so more fans would watch. All the Chase does is shorten the season to 26 races and evens up the field so that the twelfth place car in the points gets a chance to win the Title. Why does NASCAR need something like that? It doesn’t make the last ten races any more exciting. And it takes away from the rest of the field. NASCAR fans are passionate about their favorite drivers. And if no one is talking about your driver, why bother to watch? Why have a play-off if all 43 drivers are racing in it?
  11. Night races on the West Coast. Night racing is fine and dandy, and maybe more exciting. But if the race doesn’t start until 9 PM, who is going to watch it? The majority of the fans are in the East, not the West. If the race starts at 9:00, who is going to want to watch?
  12. And finally, the schedule. NASCAR in it’s wisdom, chooses to go to the west coast for the market. We fans have become a market. They take away tracks with lots of great racing and make us watch ho hum racing. The Chase is at the same ten tracks every year. Jimmy Johnson has mastered the Chase. He does extremely well at all ten tracks. The Chase was to bring in more fans because it is the Chase. The play-offs, if you will. They need to schedule more variety when scheduling races. Boring comes to mind. And fans will not watch boring. Do we really have to go to the same tracks twice? Couldn’t they go to more tracks only once? And give more tracks a chance for a date? If the race at Auto Club Speedway was boring in the beginning of the year, why would anyone tune in the next time NASCAR raced there? If any race anywhere was boring last year, why bother to tune in for that race this year?

Those are my random twelve reasons why the ratings are falling. I love NASCAR racing. It is my Passion. I can’t get enough of it. I personally watch almost anything that is televised. And some of the races this year were exciting. But it looks like NASCAR is only interested in what it wants, and not what the fans want. And that is the major reason the ratings have gone down every race this year. Should NASCAR panic? I think they should listen to the fans. I also think the Networks should listen to the fans. Prime Time may be great for ratings, but not if no one is watching.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley

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One Response to “Top Twelve Reasons Ratings Are Down”

  1. rob Says:

    isn’t it time larry,darryl,and jeff retire
    I am sick of them promoting toyota, and their agendas

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