Race Track Review: Talladega


Aaron's 499 This week’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series races this week are at the Talladega Super Speedway in Alabama.

Ya gotta love restrictor plate racing! NASCAR decided that the race cars go too fast at Daytona and here at Talladega. The drivers can go full throttle at the tracks and never lift. On the other hand, if the cars are going too fast, there’s no room for reactions. So, what NASCAR did was put restricter plates on the carburetors. That cuts down horse power so the cars can’t go much over 200 mph.

However, what that did was make everyone’s speed just about the same. So everyone drives in one big pack. Throughout the race, it is one pack, three-wide, nost-to-tail. It makes for exciting racing. It also leaves no room for mistakes. When someone does make a mistake, or tries to block, they usually get into each other and take out half the field.

This track is also an impound race. That means they practice for the race and make a qualifying run, but after qualifying the cars are impounded and the teams cannot work on the cars. There is also no more practice before the race. And I don’t think I care for that. Those cars not in the top 35 in owner points have to make the race on speed. So they set their cars up for speed to get in, but that normally isn’t how they want to race. And with no practice after qualifying, they have to make these changes after the race starts.

As a fan, I’m not sure I like that. I like to see practices. This weekend will host ARCA tonight, Nationwide tomarrow and Sprint Cup on Sunday.

Talladega is 2.66 miles around. It’s HUGE! Daytona is only 2.5 miles. And the track owners repaved the track a few years ago. So the racing surface is pretty smooth. The drivers pretty much go around the track with their foot on the gas. It’s exciting to watch. And a bit nerve-wracking. Talladega is known for “The Big One”. That is, the big crash that takes out many cars. Because there is no time to react.

There is also drafting and bump-drafting. The cars push the car in front of them to make both of them go faster. The trick is knowing who to draft with and when to bump-draft. If you bump the car ahead in the turn, you’ll send him into the wall! And that’ll take out everyone around you. If your “partner” doesn’t go fast enough, you’ll have to change lanes. And that’s tricky when everyone is nose-to-tail.

The racing is exciting, but also nail-biting. When you miss the “Big One”, you have fun driving at Talladega.  So a lot of drivers look forward to the Checkered Flag. If you’re there at the end, you had fun. But if you or someone around you makes a mistake, it is no fun and your car goes home on the hook!

Personally, I LOVE watching Talladega. I once gave up sightseeing in Houston to watch the race. Because it was Talladega. And it was a good thing I did stay put. My favorite driver won the race!

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