NASCAR Racing Martinsville


Welcome to NASCAR’s shortest track on the circuit. This track is a classic paper clip. Long straightaways and short, tight corners. The average speed is quite slow. And it’s hard to get around someone on this track because there’s not much room to pass. You almost have to follow someone for quite awhile before you can “set them up” for the pass.

In my opinion, Martinsville Speedway is not my favorite short track. I prefer something more oval. The high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway or the d-shaped oval of Richmond International Raceway. Martinsville is flat with tight corners. So, it’s hard to complete a pass. However, I sure would hate it if this track was not on the schedule.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series just left Bristol Motor Speedway. This track has high banking and is wider, so there is more side by side racing and passing. There’s just more room at Bristol, even though Bristol is only slightly larger than Martinsville.

The third short track on the schedule is Richmond International Raceway. In my opinion, this track is the best short track. It’s more of an oval. And there is lots of room to race and pass. It’s about the right size in my opinion. 3/4ths of a mile, and a d-shaped oval. It’s also always run under the lights on Saturday nights. So it brings you back to memories of your local short tracks.

Okay, the good parts of Martinsville. It’s short track racing at it’s finest. Close quarters, so that if you want to get by, you almost have to move the car ahead out of the way to get by. None of this door-to-door racing for lap after lap like Bristol can be. And tight corners, unlike Richmond, where you can just keep on turning left. Martinsville is definately a track that is hard to get around. And, really, isn’t that what racing is all about?

However, this weekend the weather is not cooperating. Qualifying was rained out for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. They will line up according to owner points. That puts Jeff Gordon on the pole. He hasn’t won in quite a long time. And being on the pole is quite the advantage. Maybe he can finally break that loosing streak. Of course, just starting on the pole, doesn’t mean you will win. But just maybe…

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race, scheduled for today was rained out. They will race on Monday at noon. (Isn’t that costing the teams a lot of money to stay for the whole weekend?) But I look forward to the Truck race on Monday.

I’ll be back tomarrow for the race review. That is, if the weather cooperates and there is a race.

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