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This post isn’t about NASCAR racing today because I thought I’d talk about the Toyota All Star Show down.  This was a neat race. It was supposed to be the winners of the Camping World East and West Series’, as well as the Whelen Series. But somehow Ron Hornaday from the Truck series, as well as the NNS and the NSCS. In my opinion he should not have been allowed to enter. All he did was race like a professional Truck driver and run everyone down, taking some out. That was just wrong. And Joey Logano. This will be his Rookie year in NSCS. He hasn’t raced in the Camping World Series for the past year. More on Joey.

The race was run at the Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, Ca. It’s a cute little 1/2 mile track that is quite wide for a short track. They ran 250 laps or 125 miles. Forty cars started the race. Qualifying was rained out, so they started the race by the draw for the pole. So, if you picked to be the first one on the track to qualify, you now were on the pole. In this case it was the 50 car of Chris Johnson.

#6 Jason Bowles takes the lead, 50 challenges and takes the lead back. The first caution involves four cars. 08 Joey Logano is having carb problems. The second caution came out when 29 Lynch, with help from 12 Perez hits the wall. 15 Ickler battles for and takes the lead. The third caution is for 41 Ryan Foster getting into the wall.

Then for the fourth caution, 33 Hornaday gets into the pole sitter and everyone gets into everyone else. He’s a veteran driver and in my opinion, he should have had more sense. What’s he trying to prove anyway? That he can come and beat up on the little guys? And he just drove away in his car, leaving many damaged cars, taking the pole sitter out of contention.

Anyway, the fifth caution was for 25 and 29. And the sixth caution was for 88 spinning. Joey has his team work on the carb when there is a break. Joey starts in the rear, but moves up the track fast. 20 is sparking and falls back. A caution comes out for 12 Perez spinning. 20 pits. The next caution came out when 33 challenged 15 Ickler for the lead, and they both spin out. It took out so many cars, they had to throw the Red Flag!

At the end 83 is leading. 40 Matt Kobyluck and 08 battle for second. 08 takes second from 40. And then 08 puts 83 into the wall to take the lead. 40 is right behind him. They penalized Joey for rough riding, putting him in 40th place to finish. And giving the win to 40 Matt Kobyluck. I agree that Matt should have won, but they didn’t penalize 33, so why did they penalize 08? He should have had to go back to the last car on the lead lap.

Matt Kobyluck was the Camping World East series Champion in 2008. So it was rather deserving that he win the All Star Showdown. He is also the only driver to race in all six of these Showdowns. He is now the only two-time winner of the Showdown.

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