NASCAR’s Top 12


Finishing sixth in points in 2008, is #31 Richard Childress Racing Jeff Burton. Jeff has two wins in 2008. The first at Bristol in the Spring, during the regular Season. The second during The Chase  for the Sprint Cup, at Lowes Motor Speedway. Jeff started the Chase in seventh, but was third for much of the Chase. His 40th place finish at Miami-Homestead left him in sixth place, behind team mates #29 Kevin Harvick in fourth and #07 Clint Bowyer in fifth.

Jeff’s win at Lowes was his fifth top ten finish in as many races in the Chase. After the win, however, he had only one top ten finish. But he did finish four of the next five races, 18th or better.

After his win at Bristol, he hung around the top five in points, leading the standings for four weeks. And stayed first or second for twelve consecutive weeks.   But with only one win in the regular season, he started the Chase in seventh. He needed more wins during the Chase to make it to the top. Which he didn’t do.

Jeff started his “new career” with RCR, after spending many years with Jack Rouch. And came close to winning the Championship with multiple wins many of those years. Just when he was expected to win, luck was no longer with him. So he moved on to RCR. Since 2006 he has finished in the top ten in points, all with RCR.

Jeff’s Sponsor was Cingular when Nextel/Sprint took over sponsorship of the Cup series. And Cingular was able to stay on as sponsor. Until AT&T took over Cingular. AT&T can no longer be a sponsor in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. He did secure sponsorship for 2009 with Catarpiller. So there will be a new look for Jeff Burton in 2009. Maybe this is what it will take to get him to the top.

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