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Finishing the 2008 Season in seventh place, is Rick Hendrick  driver #24 Jeff Gordon. Jeff has four Championships to his resume. 1995, 1997, 1998, and2001.  All were Winston Cup Championships. Since the Chase has been implemented in 2004, Jeff missed only one. And NASCAR decided to have 12 drivers in the chase, instead of 10.

2008 was not  a very good year for Jeff Gordon. Although he made the Chase, he also had six DNF’s (Did Not Finish). And for the first time since his Rookie year he did not have any wins. His last win came in the fall race at Lowes Moor Speedway in 2007. That is forty-one races without a win. Unheard of for Jeff Gordon, who has 81 career wins. That puts him the top five all time winners.

Jeff is Team mate and part-owner to the #48 Champion for the third time in a row, Jimmy Johnson. And they should be sharing info. Jimmy also started off slow, but he managed to pick it up and start winning. Something Jeff wasn’t able to do. And with no testing in 2009, I’m not sure how he will be able to recover.

Jeff was married in 2007 and had a baby girl in 2008. Maybe with the new family, his focus is on other things. Or, maybe Crew Chief Steve Latarte just doesn’t have what it takes to get Jeff into victory lane. He’s deffinately too young to be washed up. We’ll have to see what 2009 brings. Jeff Gordon haters sure are loving it.

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