NASCAR’s Top 12


This is the third in the series NASCAR’s top 12. Finishing tenth in points in 2008 was Kyle Busch. Kyle roared through 2008 in his new ride with Joe Gibbs Racing #18. In fact, he was pretty much unstoppable throughout NASCAR’s top three series’. He had six wins in the craftsman Truck series driving for Billy Baloue. (Sorry I’m not sure how to spell that.) He had a record-tying 10 wins in the Nationwide series, driving JGR cars #20 and #18, and Braun racing’s #32. And in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series he had 8 wins, and was seeded first in the Chase.

Now here is where my opinion comes into play. The kid obviously has tallent. However, he doesn’t know how to loose. He has no problem knocking someone out of the way to win, as when he took out Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for the win at Richmond. But he’s still a baby when anyone does the same to him. He stomps off and refuses to be interviewed. In 2007, with Hendrick, he crashed out almost as much as he won. Maybe that is why Hendrick did not renew his contract and replaced him with Jr.

And he is full of himself. The crowd boos him and he likes it! In my opinion, the crowd should not boo and let the silence be deffening. In a race in 2007, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. crashed into the infield. He got  out of the car and bowed to the crowd to let them know he was ok. Kyle Busch took that bow and made it his own. Cocky is another word that comes to mind.

All of Kyle’s wins came in the regular season. So he was seeded first at the start of the Chase. I’m not normally a fan of the Chase, but in 2008, I was glad there was a chase. Kyle doesn’t do well in the last ten races. And 2008 was no exception. He quickly went to the cellar and finished the season in tenth place. He was never a factor for the Championship. The media loved him, but the fans didn’t. He’s still young, so maybe in 2009 he will learn from his mistakes. I believe Lady Luck has a lot to do with racing. And in the end she took everything back. Tenth place got him to the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. But his antics kept him from being a contender for the Championship. And isn’t that what the season is all about?

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