NASCAR’s Top 12


Finishing the season in eleventh place in 2008 is Rouch Fenway Racing Matt Kenseth. Matt has been a part of the Chase since it’s conception in 2004. In fact, some give him credit for the need for a Chase. He was the 2003 Champion under the old rules. But he had only one win in 2003.  Brian France found that unacceptable and created the Chase For the Championship. The theory is that the driver with the most wins should win the Championship. And that the eventual winner shouldn’t lock himself in as Champion before the last race. Matt’s consistency during the whole year gave him the Trophy.

With the chase, consistency gets you into the Chase. Drivers now must out-perform the other eleven contenders. And in 2008, Matt didn’t do that. He had no wins in 2008, something that hasn’t happened in the seven years he’s been racing in NASCAR’s top division. In all fairness, this was the first year he’s been without Crew Chief and friend, Robby Reiser.

Matt started the Chase in fifth place, but unfortunately ended in eleventh, the worst he’s ever finished. At Dover, the second race of the Chase, he finished a season high of second place. However, he started the chase with a 40th place finish at New Hampshire. And received his third DNF (Did Not Finish) of the year at Lowes Motor speedway.

Look for Matt Kenseth to return to his winning ways in 2009. He is championship caliber. Mark my words.

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