Race Review


Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500

Presented by Cheez-it

Pocono, Pa.

Welcome NASCAR race fans to the twenty-first race of the season. We revisit Pocono Speedway in the mountains of Pa. Qualifying was on Friday, and 34 Chad Chaffin had to go home. There was no room for a forty-fourth car on this 2.5 mile track! Rain came on Saturday, so there was no practice. NASCAR will throw a competition caution on lap 20 to check the tires. 10 today is Terry Labonte. Patrick Carpentier, usually in the car, was driving in the Nationwide race on Saturday in Montreal. (He was a favorite to win.) 45 is Chad McCumbee. 21 is again Bill Elliott. 70 is Tony Raines. The 12 car of Ryan Newman is a red and white Avis car. The 8 car of Mark Martin today is a red Steak-Umm. Keiffer Southerland, gives the command to start your engine. He did a great job. 66 Scott Riggs had an engine change and will start from the rear. 48 Jimmy Johnson is on the pole with a speed of 168.215. 8 Mark Martin will start second.
We have the first caution on the first lap off turn two. 78 Joe Nemechek and 29 Kevin Harvick get together and spin. 29 doesn’t hit anything and no one hits him. With new tires, he should be good to go. 78 made it three-wide and that doesn’t work in that turn. 78 has to repair broken splitters. The restart is on lap 5. 8 is leading. Six cars pit during the caution. 42 Juan Pablo Montoya has a plug wire issue. That may hurt the engine later on.
The second caution comes out on lap 8. 2 Kurt Busch gets loose and spins. Those pitting before the competition caution cannot add fuel. 42 Juan Pablo Montoya is the Lucky Dog and makes up the lap he lost while his crew was fixing the plug wire. We go back to Green on lap 12. We’ll be racing until the competition caution, which was moved up to lap 22. 9 Kasey Kahne and 83 Brian Vickers battle for eighth. 12 gets by 24 Jeff Gordon. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. gets by 24. 9 and 17 Matt Kenseth battle. 9 gets by 17. 83 Brian Vickers gets by 17. 9 gets by 88 for fifth. 9 gets by 12 for fourth.
The competition caution, the third caution, comes out on lap 22. Everyone pits. 48 takes two tires to lead out of the pits. 17 lets 8 get by. 18 Kyle Busch gets out of shape. He’s too aggressive on two tires. 8 catches 48, and takes the lead. 55 led a lap before pitting during the competition caution. He is now out of the race.18 and 99 Carl Edwards battle, and 99 gets by. 88 gets by 16 Greg Biffle for seventh. 16 tries to get it back, but 88 keeps the spot. Green Flag Pitting begins with 18 who slides into his pit. 99 takes the lead when 8 pits. After all the pitting, 8 is back in the lead. 9 gets by 24.
The fourth caution comes out on lap 66 for debris. Out of the pits, it’s 99, 9, 17, 88, 16, 19 Elliott Sadler, 12, 83, 6 David Ragan, 66 Scott Riggs. Remember, 66 had to start from the rear. The restart is on lap 71. They are 3-wide, and 4-wide down the straight away. There are thirty-nine cars on the lead lap. 48 gets by 6 for eighth. 01 Regan Smith, 45 and 7 Robby Gordon are a lap down. The fifth caution comes out on lap 87, during the commercial for debris. 48 again takes two tires and comes out first. 01 Regan Smith is the Lucky Dog. 24 and 48 battle for the lead. 20 Tony Stewart and 24 battle for second. 11 Denny Hamlin and 88 battle. 88 gets by 20 and 17 for fourth. Rain is in the area. 99 gets by 24 for second. 9 gets by 17 for fifth. 66 and 83 battle. 18 is smoking. 16 gets by 18 for ninth.
99 takes the lead during the commercial. 84 A. J. Allmendinger pits to start Green Flag Pitting. 17 leads. 99 is back in the lead after pitting. The sixth caution comes out for rain. It’s raining on part of the track, and sunny on the another part. That’s Pocono! 88 gets fuel only, 99 takes two tires, as does 48. 9 stays out to lead, as does 18 others. 88 is first out of the pits in 20th. There is a Red Flag with sixty-nine to go. When we go back to Yellow, 77 can’t get started and has to be pushed. He gets to keep his position. Forty-one cars are on the lead lap. 28 Travis Kvapil may have been the Lucky Dog. They didn’t say. 7 is still a lap down.
We go Green with sixty-six laps to go. 17 and 11 battle for second. 8 and 17 battle for third. 12 gets loose in traffic, but saves it. 8 finally gets by 17. The seventh caution comes out when 15 Paul Menard and 78 get together and into the wall. 18 got into the wall with sixty-two laps to go. We restart with fifty-five laps to go. 42 blows up, but gets off the track, so there is no caution. 77 Sam Hornish, Jr. gets loose and into the wall. 88 and 44 David Reutimann battle for ninth. 99 gets by 44. 77 gets by 44. 20 brushes the wall trying to pass 43 Bobby Labonte. 48 and 99 get by 88. 48 and 99 battle. 9, 11 and 8 pit. 16 takes the lead. 2 leads when 16 pits. 77 pits. 2 runs out of fuel. 17 leads. 99 leads when 17 pits with 83. 41 Reed Sorenson is out of fuel. 18 pits. 38 David Gilliland is out of fuel. 99 and 20 pit, along with 12, 31 Jeff Burton, 29, 24, 48. 6 leads. 31 had an uncontrolled tire and has to go back into the pits. 26 Jamie McMurray leads. 11 is pitting. 88 and 48 battle. 16 pits. 17 pits for fuel. 9 pits. 8 leads when 9 pits. 99 is back in the lead. 8 gets by 17. 88 and 18 battle for fourth. 18 takes fourth from 88. 18 pits with two to go, and can’t get going.
99 Carl Edwards wins the race and does his signature back flip. 48 and 88 run out of fuel and coast to the finish line. 48 in third, and 88 in 12th.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley

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