Race Review


Allstate 400 At The Brickyard

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Welcome race fans! This is the twentieth race of the season. We are racing on the hallowed grounds of the Brickyard at Indy, home of the Indy 500. One of the biggest races of the season. 48 Jimmy Johnson is on the pole with a speed of 181.393. 8 Mark Martin starts second and predicts he will win this race. 70 today is Jason Leffler from the Nationwide Series. 47 is Marcos Ambrose, also from the Nationwide Series. This is a brand new team car with commentator Brad Daughterty as half owner. Terry Labonte is in the 45 and had to take a past Champion provisional. Those going home are 21 Bill Elliott. He is a past Champion, but Labonte is a more recent one. 08 Johnny Sauter, 34 Tony Raines and 50 Stanton Barrett will also go home. 20 Tony Stewart is the in-car reporter.
They are having tire troubles. The tire is wearing out quickly and the tires aren’t putting rubber onto the track. For safety’s  sake there will be a competition caution on lap ten. So, here we go.
They fan out after turn two, down the straight away. 48 leads from the pole. They are four-wide with one car on the apron. 24 Jeff Gordon gets by 8 for second. The first caution comes out on lap four when 55 Michael Waltrip gets under 77 Sam Hornish, Jr. and gets loose. 96 J. J. Yeley gets by, by going onto the grass. But 15 Paul Menard can’t get by and gets into 55 spinning him into the wall. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. leads those in the rear of the field down pit road. He had contact with 99 Carl Edwards earlier when they were four-wide. 99 gets by 9 Kasey Kahne. 44 David Reutimann bounces off the wall.
The second caution is on lap 14. 2 Kurt Busch gets loose and is sideways into 29 Kevin Harvick. 88 and 70 stay out, since they just pitted. 48 comes out of the pits first and will restart third. 48 gets by 70. 24 gets by 48 for second. 70 is falling back. 9, 12 Ryan Newman and 8 get by 99. 99 gets back by 8. 99 and 9 battle. 99 gets back by 9. 88 has a tire going down. 24 takes the lead.
The third caution comes out on lap thirty when 42 Juan Pablo Montoya blows a tire. 8 pitted under green after NASCAR moves the competition caution from 32 laps to 30 laps. 88 and 70 are a lap down. Looks like they’ll have to change tires at every caution. 18 Kyle Busch comes out of the pits first. 24 catches 18. 24 takes the lead. 48 gets by 18. 48 takes the lead. 18 gets back by 24. 99 gets by 18 for second. 8 is pitting. 99 is having tire issues.
The fourth caution comes out when 17 Matt Kenseth blows a tire and spins. 31 Jeff Burton has a battery problem. 29 and 2 are back on the track, many laps down. Out of the pits, it’s 18, 84 A. J. Allmendinger, 31, 19 Elliott Sadler, 1 Martin Truex, Jr., 26 Jamie McMurray, 48, 11 Denny Hamlin, 43 Bobby Labonte. 24 gets by 1. 77 Sam Hornish, Jr. pitted before the caution and got the Lucky Dog instead of 88 who was next in line for it. 48 gets by 84 for second. 48 takes the lead. 18 and 84 only took two tires. 84 gets by 18. 26, 1, and 41 Reed Sorenson get by 18.
The fifth caution is a competition caution.18 drops to thirteenth. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is the Lucky Dog. Out of the pits, it’s 84, 19, 16 Greg Biffle, 48, 6 David Ragan, 24, 11, 31, 1. 48 takes the lead. 24 gets by 84 for second. 83 Brian Vickers is pitting with an engine issue. 11 gets by 84 for third. 48 brushes the wall. 1 is pitting. The sixth caution is another competition caution. On lap 82. 70 Jason Leffler is the Lucky Dog. 1 pitted prior to the caution and stays out to lead.
99 takes the lead. 48 and 24 get by 26 who only took two tires. 48 takes the lead. 24 gets by 99 for second. NASCAR is closing pit road prior to the competition caution, so cars can’t short pit and get an advantage. It only took five cautions to figure that out. The seventh caution is another competition caution. On lap 72. This one will be a “quickie” caution where everyone can pit at the same time, instead of lead lap cars first, followed by those not on the lead lap. 19 comes out of the pits first to lead. 31 takes the lead.
The eighth caution comes out when 83 blows up. A bird hits 31 on the restart. They are three wide behind the leader. 24, 99, 6, 18, and 26 get by 16. 20 Tony Stewart makes it three wide for position. 48 takes the lead. 24 gets by 31 for second. 99 gets by 31 for third. 24 and 99 battle. 99 takes second from 24. The ninth caution is a competition caution with 38 to go. 29 who is fifteen laps down is the Lucky Dog and gets one of them back. Out of the pits, it’s 11, 48, 99, 31, 18, 6, 24, 96, 84, 26.
84 gets by 96. 18 gets by 31. 16 gets by 1. 43, 41 and 77 get by 1. 48 and 99 battle. 99 gets by 48 for second. The tenth caution is a competition caution, with 22 laps to go. 11 leads them out of the pits, followed by 31, 84, 20, 19, 9, 26, 48, 99.  They go Green with nineteen to go. 48 and 99 get by 20. 88 gets by 18. 48 and 99 get by 12. 31 and 19 battle and 19 finally takes second from 31. 11 has a can on his grill! 12 and 24 battle. 9 gets by 12. 48 and 99 get by 31. And we have the eleventh and final caution. A competition caution. 99 didn’t get by 31 before the caution and falls behind 31. The can flies off 11.
Out of the pits, it’s 48, 99, 11, 19, 26, 24, 31, 9, 16, 84. We restart with eight to go. Cars are snaking down the straight away to break the draft. 9 and 16 get by 31. And 48 Jimmy Johnson wins the Allstate 400 @ The Brickyard from the pole.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley

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