Rookie Sensation Wins


Joey Logano, the Nationwide Rookie sensation wins the race at Kentucky Speedway Saturday in just his third race. His first race was at Dover Downs on May 31, just days after he turned 18. He finished sixth that race with all the Sprint Cup drivers in it. The next race was at Nashville Super Speedway, where he started on the Pole. He got caught up in a wreck where Cup driver Greg Biffle should have let up, and didn’t. But in his third outing in Kentucky, he won from the pole.

Part of why he won, was the fact that Cup doesn’t go to Kentucky, and the Nationwide drivers get to battle amongst themselves for the win. Personally, I just love those races. It’s what the Nationwide Series is all about. Brad Keselowski won his first race at Nashville. And Joey got to win his first race at Kentucky. He was 18 years, 21 days old. The youngest driver to win in the Nationwide Series. Joe Gibbs Racing have him in their 20 car. And I only wish more owners put young drivers into their Nationwide cars.

Much has been said about Kyle Busch and all his success in all three Series this year. But Kyle crashes out the competition. And calls it racing. Joey is a good, clean driver. He knows how to race without taking himself, or anyone else out to do it. Kyle is cocky and believes he has the right to win. Joey doesn’t feel he has to win them all. He just races. And races fast. Kyle runs over whoever he has to, to get a win. Kyle won’t be in Madison, WI. That’s the next Nationwide race. Let’s see how the Nationwide drivers do in that race. I’ll be rooting for the Nationwide Series drivers. Good luck to Joey Logano and the other Nationwide Series drivers. The best part is that Cup drivers don’t get any practice time at these races. So it levels the playing field.

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