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Hello race FANS! Today I’d like to talk about the NASCAR Nationwide Series. In my opinion, NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers are taking over. Five of them are running for the Championship in the Series. That never used to be the case. The Series (formerly Busch) used to be a training ground for new talent. Drivers raced in the Series, hopefully earned a Championship, and moved on to NASCAR Sprint (formerly Nextel, formerly Winston) Cup. Names like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Matt Kenseth (although he didn’t win a Championship, he started in the Series and moved up to Cup), Brian Vickers, Greg Biffle (In my opinion he did it exactly right. He won a Championship in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, won a Championship in NASCAR Busch Series, and then went on to Cup.), Kevin Harvick (who took over Dale Earnhardt’s ride in cup when he died in 2001, while winning the Busch Title) and finally, Martin Truex, Jr. After Truex, Jr. won his Championship, Cup drivers decided to run for the Series Championship. Kevin Harvick won it again in 2006, and Carl Edwards did it in 2007. In my opinion, that’s just not right.

My favorite races are those where Cup is at one track in one state and the Nationwide Series is at a track in another state. The regular Nationwide drivers call these races “opportunity” races. These races give a regular Nationwide driver an opportunity to win a race because not too many Cup drivers are there to take away their glory. And, let’s face it, I watch the NASCAR Nationwide Series to see Nationwide drivers, not to see Cup regulars race. I see them on Sunday.

Last week in Nashville was the perfect “opportunity”. Cup was in Pocono, Pa. And as it turned out, my favorite Nationwide driver won the race: Brad Keselowski. Now I admit, I have this thing for the number 88. My favorite driver, Dale Jarrett, drove the number 88 in Cup when I first started watching NASCAR. I also like Matt Crafton in the number 88 in the Craftsman Truck Series. JR Motorsports gave Brad a chance in the Nationwide series and he won his first race in Nashville this past weekend. He beat all the Cup drivers to do it. Granted, there were only seven of them, instead of twelve, like when they are both at the same track. He was able to take the opportunity and capitalize on it.

This week Cup will be in Michigan, and Nationwide will be in Kentucky. I will get to see a Nationwide race with mostly Nationwide drivers. Hopefully, a Nationwide driver can take the opportunity and win the race. Scott Wimmer did it earlier this year when he was in the 29 instead of Jeff Burton, who was in a different state in a Cup car. I love NASCAR and I love racing. And I love a Nationwide driver winning a Nationwide race. In my opinion, a Nationwide driver should be able to win a Nationwide Championship. Let’s hear it for Nationwide drivers in Nationwide races. Go Nationwide drivers!

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