Race Review


NASCAR Sprint Cup

All-Star Showdown and All-Star Races

Lowes Motor Speedway, Concord, NC

Each year NASCAR does an All-Star, no points race for the fans. It consists of two races. The first race is the showdown. Any driver in the top fifty in owner points can compete in this race, and qualifying is on speed. 19 Elliott Sadler got the pole position. The top two cars in the end will get to race in the All-Star race. Plus, the fans get to vote in a car that didn’t win, but whose car is able to compete in the race. The qualifying for the all-Star race is three laps instead of the usual two, and a pit stop must be included. Seconds are added for mistakes on pit road. 44 Dale Jarrett, who is retiring after this race and 99 Carl Edwards had lug nut issues in the pits. 11 Denny Hamlin was going too fast getting into the pits and slid down pit road. 48 Jimmy Johnson missed a lug nut, started pulling away, stopped and put it back on, but was out of the box when they put it back on. So his time was disallowed.18 Kyle Busch sits on the pole.
First comes the Showdown race to see who will transfer to the All-Star race. 19 leads from the pole. 49 Chad McCumbee gets into the wall. 83 Brian Vickers takes the lead. The first caution comes out when 10 Patrick Carpentier spins into the wall. 15 Paul Mennard and 66 Scot Riggs also get into the wall. 19 looses grip from sunshine to shade and falls back. The second caution comes out when 84 A. J. Allmendinger  gets into 19 and sends him into the wall. 34 Jeff Green is the Lucky Dog. Team mates 83 and 84 battle for the lead. 6 David Ragan battles for second, and 6 takes second. 7 Robby Gordon has something on his grill and is blowing water. 50 Stanton Barrett goes to the garage. 77 Sam Hornish, Jr. gets by 9 Kasey Kahne. This ends Segment 1.
In the pits, 7 goes to the garage. 8 cars stayed out. 9 comes out of the pits first in ninth. 6 is leading in the double-file restart. 77 spins his tires. 84 takes the lead. 22 Dave Blaney, 38 David Gilliland and 49 are three-wide. 41 Reed Sorenson gets by 70 Johnny Sauter. 83 gets by 9. The first caution of the second segment comes out when 70 gets into the wall in front of 83 and 9. 6 blocks 77 from second. So 77 goes to the bottom. 38 puts 41 into the wall. 77 finally gets by 6 on the bottom. 84 comes in first and 77 is second. Both advance to the All-Star Race. If 83 and 9 didn’t pit, they might have won. 9 gets the fan vote  and also will advance to the all-Star race.
There’s driver introductions for the All-Star Race and Dale Jarrett gets a standing ovation, this being his last race. 20 Tony Stewart changed the engine, and will start from the rear. The All-Star Race is in four segments, each twenty-five laps. 18 takes off from the pole. 77 gets into the wall. 2 Kurt Busch and 16 Greg Biffle battle for third. 31 Jeff Burton gets into the wall. 12 Ryan Newman and 24 Jeff Gordon battle. 77 is pitting and looses two laps. 24 bobbles. He’s way too loose. 48 is up to eleventh. 18 wins the first segment.
It’s 18, 16, 2, 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for the start of Segment two. 88 takes third from 2. 48 gets by 2. 12 Ryan Newman and 17 Matt Kenseth battle. 18 sounds flat to the announcers. 99 Carl Edwards catches 18 and takes the lead. 88 gets by 18 for second. 17 gets by 18. 12 gets by 18. 16 gets by 18. 18 feels they can fix what is wrong with the car during the ten minute break between Segments two and three. 99 wins Segment two.
Segment three starts with 88 taking the lead. 48 kisses the wall. 17 gets by 99. 17 and 88 battle for the lead. 16 and 17 battle for second. 16 wins segment three. 48 takes no tires to lead segment four. 9 also took no tires. 17 finds himself in the middle and falls back. 11 Denny Hamlin takes the lead. 48 and 11 battle for the lead. 9 takes second from 48. 9 and 11 battle for the lead. 9 takes the lead. 11 blows an engine and is done. 17 gets by 48. 77 gets by 99. And 9 Kasey Kahne wins the All-Star race. This is the first time the fan favorite has won the All-Star race.

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