Race Review


NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

North Carolina Education Lottery 200

Lowes Motor Speedway, Concord, NC

I don’t usually do a review of the Truck Series. But I couldn’t help myself, since one of my favorite drivers won his first race after 178 tries. It took a lot of luck and circumstances, as well as driving skills to get the win. As is the case in a lot of first-time wins. In keeping with my other reviews, I must address some of the drivers and trucks. 09 this race is Travis Kvapil. He is a former Truck Champion, now in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. 15 is Marc Mitchel. 46 is young Landon Cassil. 91 is J. C. Stout. 6 is young Collin Braun. 09 is in a back-up truck and will start from the rear. Kyle Busch in the 51 starts on the pole.
51 leads from the pole. The first caution comes out right away when 71 Donnie Lia and 16 Brian Scott go spinning into the infield. 21 Jon Woods was sliding back and got into 71 who got into 76. As we resume, 99 Eric Darnell goes by 2 Jack Sprague. 11 David Starr gets loose. The second caution comes out for 9 Justin Marks, who blows a tire. While the leaders pit, 8 Chad McCumbee stays out to lead, then pits. 59 Ted Musgrave stays out to lead. 08 Jason White and 07 John Mikel also stay out.
As we resume, 51 takes the lead with fresh tires. My 88 Matt Crafton gets by 33 Ron Hornaday. And 33 gets back by 88. 33 and 6 battle for position. 6 gets by 5 Mike Skinner. 23 Johnny Benson (my other favorite) races past 09. 30 Todd Bodine, 11 and 54 Brian Sockwell are three-wide. 33 gets by 5. There is green flag pitting. 18 Dennis Setzer has trouble lapping 09, but he finally gets by. The third caution comes out for debris.
The fourth caution comes out when 51 has trouble getting by 30 and 33 gets 51 into the wall. 51 has a broken splitter. 6 got into the infield. The top four are 99, 30, 23, 88. 23 gets by 30 for second. 88 and 8 battle for position. The fifth caution comes out during the commercial. 18 spins, and 07 and 9 get together trying to avoid 18. 52 Ken Schrader is the Lucky Dog. 33 and 10 Brendan Gaughan battle. The sixth caution comes out, but I’m not exactly sure what it was for. At the restart, 99 doesn’t get up to speed and 23 goes high to take the lead. Which is where you are supposed to pass on the restart. But Johnny gets black flagged for jumping the restart. The announcers were all in agreement that 99 didn’t get up to speed and that 23 made the pass, rather than getting into 99.
88 takes the lead. 88 and 30 battle for the lead, and here comes 33. 33 passes 30 and slides ahead of him. Only inches behind 33, 30 pushes 33 in the turn, into the grass, causing the seventh caution. Bodine gets sent to the rear for rough driving and causing the caution. So, with the contenders all way behind the leader 88, we get a Green, White Checker finish. 8 who has also never won, can’t get by 88 without taking him out. And 88 Matt Crafton finally wins a race.
His win wasn’t purely luck. He’s been so close so many times. But in this race luck gave him the opportunity to finally get his win. Kyle Busch was the favorite to win. But the trucks “don’t play nice” and he got taken out of contention. Todd Bodine and Ron Hornaday were also likely to win, but they took themselves out. Johnny Benson really should have won, and might have if NASCAR had listened to the announcers. I think it would have been a better race if Matt could have battled Johnny for the win. Johnny finished eleventh, by the way.

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