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In today’s post I’d like to address Kyle Busch. The fans hate him. The Media loves him. One comment was that he “can go three-wide all by himself.” Why they admire that is beyond me. In my opinion, he’s a menace to racing. If he can go three-wide by himself, what does that leave for the rest of the field? You can’t get by him because he’ll go three-wide by himself and crash you out of the race. If you don’t let him by, again, he’ll crash you out. Is that what racing is really about?

The Media also says he’s matured. At twenty-three years of age, he’s still young. They say he doesn’t fly off the handle like he used to. I have to disagree. Case in point. The Nationwide race at Richmond. Steven Wallace was racing just as hard as Kyle was. Steven got into Kyle. Kyle then ran up to Steven and Steven moved over so Kyle wouldn’t crash him out. After the race, Kyle went to Steven’s car and stuck his head in the window. I guess to tell Steven he was unhappy that Steven got into him. Steven grabbed Kyle’s helmet and Kyle nearly fell over trying to get away. Now if he was more mature, Kyle wouldn’t have felt the need to discuss what happened on the track while Steven was still in his car.

Here Kyle is, beating up on the little guys in the second tier in NASCAR, and gets upset because someone got into him instead of the other way around. In my opinion, Kyle needs to grow up. The world doesn’t revolve around him. And I applaud Steven for sticking up for himself. Who does Kyle think he is, anyway? If he gets into someone, it’s “a racing incident” and there should have been more give and take. Only Kyle does all the taking, and none of the giving.

At Richmond in the Sprint Cup race, he took out Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Just a racing incident. Yet if you watch the replay, Kyle’s wheels were turning right, not left. Jr. didn’t turn down into Kyle. Kyle turned into Jr. When he starts to give instead of insisting on taking, then I’ll concede that he has matured.

As it stands, in my opinion, he’s a punk on an ego trip. And a menace to racing. Not the next great racer. I will not boo a racer, but I will cheer when anyone takes while Kyle doesn’t give and takes him out. In my opinion, he needs to grow up. The Nationwide drivers are just learning. And if he wants to race with them, he’ll have to accept that one or more of them will get into him. He’s not the only driver who wants to win. They all do. In my opinion he has to learn to give, like he wants everyone else to do.

Sheila Hawley


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