Race Review


Aaron’s 499

Talladega, Al.

Hello, race fans! This weeks race is the ninth race of the season, at Talladega Super Speedway at Talladega, Al. It is a restrictor -plate race on the longest track in NASCAR. 70 today is Ken Schrader in a green car. AJ Allmendinger is back in the 84 Toyota, and qualified fourth. 21 is Jon Wood driving in his Team’s gold car. He also drove the team truck this weekend in Kansas. 09 is Sterling Marlin. 8 today is Aric Almirola. 7 Robby Gordon was in the Dakaar race and PJ Jones qualified the car. Robby will start in the rear. 40 is David Stremme today as Dario Franchitti broke his ankle in the Nationwide race here yesterday. He will start from the rear. 78 Joe Nemechek will start from the pole. 20 Tony Stewart will start second. 78 is red, white and blue National Day Of Prayer. 38 David Gilliland and 07 Clint Bowyer made changes and will start from the rear.
20 leads the first lap. 21 goes to the garage after two laps. He has to undo the changes they made to qualify him for the race, as he had to qualify on speed. 41 Reed Sorenson in a black Poloroid car blows an engine. 18 Kyle Busch goes high and looses spots. 11 Denny Hamlin looses spots. 42 of Juan Pablo Montoya is yellow Juicy Fruit this week. 17 Matt Kenseth pushes 26 Jamie McMurray.  Eleven cars pull away. The first caution  comes out during the commercial. 17 blew a tire and got into the wall. Everyone pits except 70 who leads a lap before pitting. 17 goes to the garage. The restart is on lap 24. 21 Jon Wood is the Lucky Dog, and gets one of 6 laps back.
11 Denny Hamlin takes the lead during the commercial by pushing 26 Jamie McMuray and then leaving him there. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. said that was rude. 24 Jeff Gordon takes the lead. 88 takes the lead. 83 Brian Vickers goes down in front of 11 and 20 Tony Stewart. 83, 11, 20 falling back. 99 Carl Edwards had a tire going down and pits. 6 David Ragan pulls in front of 83,11, 21. 83 Brian Vickers and 31 Jeff Burton lead during the commercial. 11 is back in the lead. 83 takes the lead. 15 Paul Menard is in the middle and falling back. 12 Ryan Newman, 29 Kevin Harvick and 11 are on top. 15 takes the lead with help from 88. 8 Aric Armirola bounces off the wall. 42 Juan Pablo Montoya takes the lead with help from 11. 11 pulls to the outside to lead. 88 takes the lead. 88 gets into the middle and falls back.
12 Ryan Newman and 29 Kevin Harvick lead during the commercial. 11 is leading. 31 is pitting. 88 takes the lead. 29 is pitting. And Green Flag Pitting begins. 20 and everyone behind him pits. 83 spins on sticker tires out of the pits. 12 stalls leaving the pits. 18 Kyle Busch missed his pit stall and had to go back around. 20 is back in the lead. 17 is back out on the track. He had too much camber. 11 is pushing 20. 88 pushes 48 Jimmy Johnson. 88 and 48 get by 20 and 11 after 20 and 11 go up and 48 and 88 go low. 20 takes the lead. 88 gets in line, leaving 48 by himself. 99 Carl Edwards is back on pit road with too much camber. 20 and 11 are running away from the pack.
After the commercial, 88 is leading and 31 pitted. 44 David Reutimann  is falling back in the middle. 2 Kurt Busch looses the draft and goes a lap down. 55 Michael Waltrip gets into 77  Sam Hornish, Jr. during the commercial. Green Flag Pitting begins with 81 laps to go. 11 pushes 12 into the lead, then takes the lead. The second caution comes out when 99 Carl Edwards blows a tire. 18 Kyle Busch gets the Lucky Dog. 88 comes in for fuel only and comes out of the pits leading. The Green Flag comes out with sixty-seven laps to go. There are thirty cars on the lead lap.
26 pushes 11 to the lead. 24 Jeff Gordon takes the lead with 42  pushing him. And 42 gets hung out to dry. They are racing three-wide. 19 Elliott Sadler takes the lead and looses it to 11. The announcers are saying Denny is too aggressive. They are back to three-wide.
40 takes the lead. 44 David Reutimann gets into 31 and almost turns him. 9 Kasey Kahne takes the lead. And then 20 takes the lead. The third caution comes out during the commercial. 20, leading, cuts a tire and gets into the wall. But there isn’t too much damage. At the same time, 10 Patrick Carpentier gets into the wall. 20 pits and beats the pack to the line and stays on the lead lap. 88 stalls in the pits, but comes out third. Out of the pits, it’s 11-12-88-16-83-9-40-44-1-16. 2 Kurt Busch is the lucky Dog. 48 comes back into the pits for fuel. 70, 99 and 41 are out of the race. We restart with 40 to go.
88 takes the lead. 88 goes high and looses the draft. 66 Scott Riggs gets five-wide below the yellow line and looses spots. 38 David Gilliland leads a lap. 11 takes the lead back. 40 takes the lead with 7 pushing him. We see a big wad racing and go to a commercial! We come back to a long line, and then three-wide. The fourth caution comes out when 15 Paul Menard spins into the infield. 42 got below the yellow line and ran right into 15 to spin him. 6 David Ragan moves up to block, and they drive right by him.
The fifth caution is for debris from 83. He cut a tire. 66 Scott Riggs is the Lucky Dog, to make it thirty-three cars on the lead lap. We restart with twenty to go. 12 takes the lead and 11 falls back. 18 and 26 get together, and they both save it. 18 takes the lead with 42 pushing him. The sixth caution is the big one. They were four-wide and 20 gets into 88. 88 gets into 43 Bobby Labonte. 43 gets into 1 Martin Truex, Jr., 2, 20 and 26. 5 Casey Mears, 11 and 31 get by. 55 Michael Waltrip takes the lead with help from 48.
The seventh caution comes out when 43 blows a tire. Probably from tire rub from the previous caution. The race restarts with five laps to go. 55 is leading. 48 gets 55 out of the way to lead. 18 gets 48 out of the way to lead. The eighth caution happens on the Final lap, so the field is frozen, and 18 Kyle Busch wins under caution. 26 shot up the track and collected 48, 01 Regan Smith, 29, 19 78 and 40.

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