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This week there was no NASCAR Sprint Cup race. But there was a NASCAR Nationwide race. In Nashville, TN. It was a Nationwide stand-alone race, so there weren’t that many NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) drivers in the race. But at the same time, the announcers spent a lot of time covering these (7, I think) drivers. In my opinion, it would have been better if they spent the time covering the regular Nationwide drivers. They did point out some of the younger drivers trying to make it in the Nationwide series.

Personally, I like the Nationwide series. I have several favorite drivers. I also don’t tune into Nationwide races to watch NSCS drivers. I tune in to watch Nationwide drivers. The announcers brought up the subject of the Cup drivers racing in the Nationwide series. They interviewed several regular Nationwide drivers about the Cup influence. They mostly agree the Cup guys sell tickets. And give them experience. But I had to agree with Bobby Hamilton, Jr. who pointed out that the Nationwide series is his bread and butter, and the Cup drivers are taking away his money and points.

In my opinion, it’s the Owners that are ruining this series by putting Cup drivers into their cars instead of Nationwide drivers. JR Motorsprts puts Brad Keselowski in his #88 car. A regular Nationwide driver. At this race, Scott Wimmer was in the #29 car instead of a Cup driver. In my opinion, that’s how it should be all season. Rouch Fenway Racing has Carl Edwards, a Cup driver in the #60 car, even though Danny O’Quinn, racing for Rouch Fenway won the Rookie of the year a couple of years ago. Joe Gibbs Racing had Kyle Busch in his #20 car today. Thankfully he spun himself out in this race. And he wasn’t a factor for the win. It was a good race in my opinion because a Nationwide driver actually won a Nationwide race.

What are these Cup drivers trying to prove anyway? That they’re better than Nationwide drivers? Duh! They’re Cup drivers. Someone suggested the cup drivers all start from the rear. I agree. That would be a great race. Watching the Cup drivers race from the rear to the front, if they can. That would be the best of both worlds, in my opinion. Having the Nationwide drivers starting in the front and the Cup drivers having to show their stuff by racing to the front from the rear. However, I don’t think NASCAR and the owners are listening. But that’s just my opinion.

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