In My Opinion: NASCAR Fans


    So, NASCAR is finally deciding that the drop in ratings wasn’t NBC’s fault after all. And maybe instead of trying to grab the football fans, who will watch when a football game isn’t on, they should look at the fans who are watching. I fell in love with NASCAR the first time I saw a race. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen! And it wasn’t the Daytona 500 that I was watching. It was beautiful watching them go so fast so close to each other lap after lap. Rockingham was a wonderful little track. The Southern 500, the Brickyard 400, the Daytona 500 and the Coca Cola 600 were all very special. It isn’t even the Brickyard any more. It’s the All State 400 at the Brickyard. How sad.
Rockingham was a special track, but year after year, it was run at a time when it was raining in the Carolina’s. So, instead of putting it somewhere else, NASCAR just got rid of it. The Southern 500 at the track “too tough to tame” was a special race. Now we go to California because it is a bigger market. Not a better track, not better racing, but a bigger market. Who wants to watch follow the leader? We want to see racing.
So now NASCAR wants the core fan back. And is marketing to get us back. Marketing won’t do it. Put it back. NASCAR was great before the Chase and Nextel (now Sprint). It used to be thirty-six weeks of racing, instead of twenty-six. And the driver with the most points at the end wins! What’s so great about a tenth place team winning the Championship? Matt Kenseth was the last true Champion. In my opinion.
I hope NASCAR listens to the fans. But it’s too late for this year. Too many races are already starting later. So the drivers can’t see where they are going? Takes the specialness from the Coke 600. The theme song is better. All that screaming just turned me off. You’re starting the Chase at the Daytona 500! And with the past Owner points in place, new Teams don’t stand a chance. Even the famous Wood Brothers #21 can’t get into a race! Everyone should have to try equally as hard to get into a race. Those in the top 35 shouldn’t get to qualify in race trim and go slow just because they are guaranteed a spot, while the tenth fastest car has to go home. If Tony Stewart can’t get in on speed, too bad. He should have qualified faster. And if Kyle Petty can’t get in on speed, maybe he should retire. Sorry. That’s my opinion as a core NASCAR fan.
Personally, I will watch everything that is televised. And when I go to a track, I get there on Wednesday night so I can see everything that is going on on the track. Have the commercials during the caution, not when something is about to happen. If you want to be as popular as the NFL, don’t give us a playoff, have the commercials when nothing is going on, instead of during a play. I will continue to watch NASCAR, but Brian is ruining my beloved NASCAR. It wasn’t broken. Why did he feel he had to fix it?  Not only did he not get the football fans, but he chased away the NASCAR fans. Of course that’s just my opinion.

Brought to you by Sheila Hawley, a core NASCAR Fan

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4 Responses to “In My Opinion: NASCAR Fans”

  1. Robert Says:

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  2. kahneiac9 Says:

    I think the drop of the nascar fan base has a lot to do with the b.s. calls they’ve been pulling. For instance, pit strategy isn’t coming into play as much anymore. The “competition yellows” suck and all that. Plus, I think I agree with Tony Stewart on how NASCAR tries to fix the race results, but then again who knows. There’s probably some manipulation, but that doesn’t stop me from being the biggest KASEY KAHNE fan that walked the planet, hell I’m obsessed with the man. I can’t wait to go to the Pepsi 500 at the Auto Club Speedway! It’s the highlight of my summers.

    Much love! – Kahneiac

  3. sheilalovesnascar Says:

    I’m a BIG Kasey Kahne fan also. From back when he was racing the sprint cars and always in the top three every week. I renewed my love for him when he went from the Busch Series to Cup. Thank you Ray Evrenham!

  4. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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