Race Review of the Bud Shoot Out


Race Review of the Bud Shoot out

NASCAR is back! The first race of the season is the non-points race, the Bud Shoot out. This race is all the Bud Pole winners of 2007 and past winners of the Event. Bud pole winners from last year are: David Gilliland 38, Jeff Gordon 24, Kasey Kahne 9, Ryan Newman 12, Denny Hamlin 11, Clint Bowyer 07, J. J. Yeley now in the 96, Casey Mears now in the 5, Dave Blaney 22, Jamie McMurray 26, Reed Sorenson 41, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. now in the 88, Kurt Busch 2, Jimmy Johnson 48, Michael Waltrip 55, Greg Biffle 16, and Carl Edwards 99. Past winners in the race are: Mark Martin now in the 8, Ken Schrader in the 49, Bill Elliott in the 21, and Dale Jarrett 44.
They drew starting positions on Thursday with 2 K. Busch on the pole. He and Tony Stewart got together in practice and 2 had to go to a back up car and start from the rear. That put M. Waltrip on the pole. 44 Jarrett changed an engine, 21 Elliott,12 Newman, 24 J. Gordon and 48 Johnson also are in back up cars and will start from the rear. 5 Mears was sick and didn’t go to the selection meeting, so will start from the rear.
The Bud Shoot out is two segments. The first is 20 laps and they will pit for ten minutes, after it. Then the final segment is 50 laps. They will have to make a pit stop somewhere in there because the fuel won’t last 50 laps. For 07 Bowyer, 41 Sorenson and 96 Yeley. this is their first Shoot out.
So, here we go. 8 Martin doesn’t take off very well and 55 Waltrip leads. 38 Gilliland takes the lead. 55 is back into the lead. 9 Kahne gets stuck in the middle. 88 Earnhardt, Jr. challenges for the lead. 11 Hamlin gets stuck in the middle. 88 takes the lead. 55 gets stuck in the middle and falls way back. 26 McMurray almost looses it, but saves it.
The first caution comes out when 21 Elliott gets into the wall after he cuts a tire on lap 15 of 20. They can’t get him away from the wall because of the banking, so the first segment ends in caution and they go to the pits while they remove the car. 41 Sorenson is in black this race and it is hard to see the familiar Target on the hood.
They come out of the pits as they were running at the end of the first segment with 88 in the lead. 41 moves to second. 99 Edwards takes the lead. 88 drops down low to take the lead. 26 gets into the wall and sparks are flying to bring out the second caution. 11 was on the outside and went high. 26 goes up to block and runs into 11. 26 gets into the wall ahead of 11. As a result, 07 runs into 8. In the pits, 55 misses his stall and has to go around again.
At the restart, 88 is leading with 22 beside him. 22 takes the lead. 20 pulls between 88 and 22 to get behind 88 sending 22 way back. We get a new leader during the commercial and we have to wait until we know all the sponsors before they show us who is the new leader, 20. 2 is pitting under Green with a tire rub. 88 takes the lead. 24 takes the lead. 88 zips past 24 for the lead.
The third caution comes out during the commercial. 38 got into the wall when his tire goes down, taking 9, 1, and 16 with him. 22 leads at the restart. 88 takes the lead. 07 gets nudged, but saves it. They are 4 wide for an instant. 42 scrapes the wall when 8 gets into him. 20 takes the lead. 38 got the Lucky Dog somewhere in there.
The fourth caution comes out when 2 crashes when he gets loose. 2 spins around into the infield and back onto the track and they finally throw the caution. Back to racing, they are 5 wide momentarily.88 passes 20 to take the lead and gets in front of him. 88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. wins the Bud Shoot Out. This is the finishing order. 88-20-48-24-41-5-22-8-11-9-55-99-44-07-49-96-12-2-38-16-1-26-21.

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