New Qualifying Rules


The new NASCAR season is coming up fast. And they’re coming up with some new rules for qualifying. In my opinion they should get rid of the top 35 in owner points rule altogether and let the fastest drivers race. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Everyone has the same opportunity to qualify for a race. Last year’s owner points shouldn’t matter, since it’s a new year. But I’m not the Power that be. I’m just a fan.

Here’s what NASCAR Scene had to say:

The teams not locked into the starting field in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Craftsman Truck series will all qualify as a group at the end of their respective qualifying sessions under the new rules.
Actually, this is a good rule. If they have to keep the owner rule, at least this new rule gives those not in the top 35 a better chance of getting into the race. See, qualifying line up is by the luck of the draw. Each team pulls a number out of the “hat” to determine how they come out onto the track. Those out first don’t usually go as fast as those out later in the session. The track gets faster after more cars drive on the track. So if a car is not in the top 35 and comes out early in qualifying, that car is at a disadvantage over another car also not in the top 35 coming out later. These cars have to be the fastest of the group in order to make it into the race. So having them all qualify together equals their opportunity.

This way they all qualify together and the fastest get in. They are still in their same “drawn” position, but they are all there together. They don’t have to come out, say 5th and have to wait for the 50th driver to come out only to have that car go much faster. They still have to be faster than each other, but this way they are there together and no one really has an advantage.

The top 35 rule is supposed to protect those who are there every week and compete the entire race. And NASCAR claims they want new teams competing, but as long as there is this 35 rule, the new teams really have no chance. They have no owner points. That’s not to say they won’t be there every week competing. Or that they will park their cars after a few laps. There are more cars regularly trying to qualify week after week than ever before. So, in my opinion, this rule is outdated and should be scrapped. But if we have to have that rule, this new improvement in qualifying is a good thing.

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