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NASCAR had many changes and one of the biggest things that happened in 2007 was the passing of Bill France, Jr. And I’d like to comment on that. NASCAR Scene made it a highlight for the year. This is what a newsletter had to say:

3. Remembering Bill France Jr.

Though Bill France Jr. ruled NASCAR with an iron fist for more than 30 years, many didn’t quite comprehend the impact he had on the sport until his death on June 4 at age 74.

Replacing his father as NASCAR president in 1972, France Jr. transformed NASCAR from a Southern, regional sport into a national phenomenon. Under his guidance, NASCAR raced its way into the boardrooms of Madison Avenue, attracting sponsorship that sparked its explosive growth.

But France didn’t stop there. Also serving as chairman of his family’s International Speedway Corp., he guided the expansion of NASCAR into major markets across the country, including a landmark debut at the sacred Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1994. When it landed its first network TV deal in 2001, it was clear that, under his guidance, NASCAR had finally arrived.

Even after turning his leadership role over to his son Brian in 2003, France Jr. kept a close eye on the sport. While gallantly fighting a series of debilitating illnesses, France remained a force in the sport until the very end.

In my opinion, Bill France, Jr. was NASCAR. He, along with R. J. Reynolds, and their Winston Brand MADE NASCAR. They made NASCAR a legitimate and popular sport. And now, even though it isn’t Winston Cup any more, it’s still Cup. I have to wonder about that. Winston gave the Champion a Cup as a trophy. Nextel revamped the Trophy, and now Sprint goes on with it. But it is no longer a cup. So, I have to wonder why it’s still called “Cup” racing.

Bill, Jr.’s son, Brian took over when Nextel took over Sponsorship. And since then, there has been a decline in viewers. What caused this decline? NASCAR says it’s that people are getting NASCAR from the internet instead of from television. But I have a different opinion. When it became Nextel  (now Sprint) Cup, things changed. It was decided NASCAR must have a sort of playoff system just like stick and ball sports have. And the Chase was created. It was said this would grow the Sport. But that hasn’t happened. In my opinion the Chase was implemented to get football fans to watch NASCAR. At the expense of the fans that were already watching.

The football fans take a look at NASCAR to see what the hoopla is all about and there’s an increase in viewership. But having a playoff isn’t why fans watch football. They just like watching football. So they go back to football, instead of NASCAR. Regular NASCAR fans get tired of the Chase if their favorite driver isn’t in the Chase. Because only chase drivers are seen and talked about. So they loose many fans that way.

In my opinion, NASCAR needs to go back to the way it was when Bill France, Jr.  was running things. It isn’t about the Media and what they want to report. It’s about the fans and what they want to see and hear about. And I’m talking about the same old same old reporters telling us how great the chase is. We fans want to see racing. Give us back a Champion who had to race every weekend instead of just the last 10 races. Give us back Reporters like Bob Jenkins and Eli Gold and Ned Jarrett who actually reported on all the drivers. Not just the top 10 or 12. Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds are so full of themselves and the chase, they forget about the fans. They are too busy yucking it up amoungts themselves to worry about the fans.

Television coverage is awful. Too many commercials at the wrong time. Don’t go away during racing. Go to commercial during clean ups. Football doesn’t go to a commercial during a play. There’s plenty of time for commercials during yellow flags.That’s my opinion. And NASCAR is my Passion.

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