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This is the off-season and everyone is looking back on the 2007 season. The good, the bad, the headlines. I subscribe to NASCAR Scene. In a recent Issue there were a few comments from the Media point of view. I am not part of the Media. I am just an avid Fan. So, my take is different than theirs. I would like to quote what was written and then give my opinion as a Race Fan.

“Many big developments, it seemed, were unpopular with fans, and even some competitors. That also seemed to be a constant theme in 2007: discontent.

While competitors bemoaned both the arrival of Toyota and the COT, NASCAR fans, some of the most passionate in all of sports, seemed increasingly disgruntled, as evidenced by the continuing decline of TV ratings and waning interest in this year’s Chase For The Nextel Cup.”

I fell in love with NASCAR in 1996 when I saw my first race. Winston Cup was the Sponsor at the time. While it doesn’t qualify me as a fan since NASCAR got started, it does put me back into the diehard fan base. In my opinion, Winston was what made NASCAR. They put NASCAR on the sports map. As a fan back then, what I liked best about it was it wasn’t football. And it didn’t try to be like football.

Personally, I love to watch racing. But I know there are some fans that like crashing. That’s why fans go to Talladega and Bristol. My favorite racing is side-by-side. And I don’t like the follow the leader yellow flag racing. So I would just as soon not see any caution flags. Just give me racing without the media informing me about points racing, cut-away cars and what the points are as we race (the race won’t end now, and the habit is only annoying.

The Chase, for me, is something unneeded. I want the Champion to be the best driver the whole season. I don’t need the media telling me only about the top 10 or 12 drivers. I like all the drivers and want to see them all. The media starts coverage of the chase with the second race of the year. And in my opinion, that just puts a damper on the whole coverage. Every driver out there is there to win the race. And a lot of credit for great driving goes unnoticed because the driver wasn’t in the top 12.

The theory behind a chase is that sports fans like playoffs. But in NASCAR, the superbowl is the first race – the Daytona 500. So, what’s the point of having a playoff? And what’s so exciting about a tenth place team getting a shot at the Title? In my opinion, if we continue with the Chase, going to the same ten tracks every year, the result will be the same every year. And what is exciting about that? Tony Stewart, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon will be the ones to beat. Always. Because they are good at the last ten tracks.

So, in response to the Scene article, yes we are disgruntled. The COT may be a safe car, but I don’t want to watch IROC every week. Coverage of the races is terrible. The media only covers the top 12. There are too many commercials and not enough racing. If we are trying to be like football, why can’t the Networks treat racing like football? They wouldn’t go to a commercial during a play. So why do they say ” Wow this is great racing, we’ll be right back”? During the caution, we’re treated to pit stops, replays and pace laps. Why can’t that cleanup time be spent on commercials? Instead of coming back from a commercial to tell us what happened “while we were away”? Nothing should be happening “while we were away”.

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