NASCAR Nationwide Series, formerly Busch Series


Yesterday I mentioned more on the Nationwide Series. So, here’s my take on the new Series. This second tier of NASCAR has been around for twenty-six years, all of those years, Sponsored by Busch beer. Next year Busch will no longer Sponsor the Series. It wasn’t really clear (at least to me) why they were bowing out. But the highlight of the Season was finding a new Sponsor.

Subway Restaurants was the front runner most of the year. But there was the “exclusivity clause” that got into the way. See, the Sponsor of the Series is supposed to have exclusive rights to any and all advertising. That means Subway would be the only fast food chain that could have logos on the cars in the Series. And there were too many fast food chains already on cars in the Series. So to make Subway exclusive, all the other fast food chains would have to go. But Nationwide Insurance came along to Sponsor the Series. And there was only one other car out there Sponsoring an insurance car. That being the 7 car of Mike Wallace. Whose car is Sponsored by GEICO. The 7 car can have Geico as a Sponsor only next year. And then they will have to find another Sponsor.

So, the Busch Series is still alive with Nationwide as the Sponsor. I’m glad that’s all taken care of. But in my opinion NASCAR needs to take another look at this series. It used to be a Series where newcomers learned how to drive these big stock cars. There were Series regulars racing every week. And there were up and coming drivers headed for Cup racing. Until last year, a Series regular always won the Championship. If something isn’t done, no Series regular will ever again win the Championship. Making Martin Truex, Jr. the last of the Series Champs in 2005.

Last year there were seven Cup regulars who ran both Series all year. And, of course, a Cup driver won the Championship. Kevin Harvick won last year. This year Carl Edwards, a Cup regular, ran away with the Championship. I say no duh! A Cup driver and crew will always do better than a Busch driver and crew. But this will be the new Nationwide Series in 2008. I say if you want your car to win the Championship, get yourself a Nationwide Series driver. Drivers shouldn’t be allowed to go for both Championships.

The Nationwide series is supposed to be the second tier of NASCAR racing. And Cup drivers should be allowed to compete in some races. It’s good for the tracks and fans. Cup drivers draw fans to the track. Nationwide drivers get to compete with the Big Guys. Cup drivers get to go out and have fun trying to win the few races they enter into. But putting a Cup driver into a Nationwide car for every race defeats the purpose of the Series. In no other Sport do players go back to the Minors and compete in all the games.

So now NASCAR wants to not give points to drivers in the top 35 in Cup points. And I agree with that. Tony Stewart maintains he should be allowed to race in any Series of his choosing. And while that may be valid, I have to wonder if maybe he’s getting a little rusty and needs to maybe prove to himself that he can still win. That is what the Minors are for. To make you better so you can compete in the Majors. Right?

I’d like to take this whole thing a little further. Teams have Nationwide drivers in all their Nationwide cars. No Cup driver should be allowed to win the Nationwide Championship. Cup drivers can compete in select races, but not every race of the season. And in those races they decide to compete in, I say they should all start from the rear. They should qualify on time to get in and to get a good pit stall. But they should all have to start from the rear according to where they qualified. I say that would be a great race. Watching these Cup veterans race their way to the front.

So there’s my take on the new Nationwide Series. I hope it goes back to be a learning place and a Series with regulars competing every week. More like the Craftsman Truck series. Cup drivers compete every now and then, but it’s mostly Truck drivers competing in Truck races. And a Truck driver winning the Truck Championship.

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