End of NASCAR for 2007


    Well, racing fans the NASCAR Season (both of them) is over for 2007. And I must say, I sure am saddened by it. No more coming home after work to see who qualified for the race. (more on that in a minute) No more NASCAR Now. No more Busch Series practice, qualifying and racing. Next year it will be the Nationwide Series. I’ll write more about that tomorrow. No more Craftsman Trucks on Speed. And especially, no more Cup races this year.

From February to November you can find me in front of the television all weekend long. What will I do with myself on weekends now? Now I’ll have to catch up on things! Oh, my! I think that will last until about December. And then I will be in NASCAR withdrawal. And I will have to dig up some races I have on tape. This year hasn’t been very good for me tape-wise. I have Direct TV. And while I’m not paying Time Warner any more, I’m not able to get the major channels. I have to rely on the Local Channels to see the races. But I can’t tape them from the Local channels. I have the Busch Series shown on ESPN2 and the Craftsman Trucks shown on SPEED. But I was only able to tape the Cup races shown on TNT and ESPN2. And the majority of them were on ABC. NASCAR may have made a great television deal, but I don’t care for the deal.

So there are some things that I don’t like about NASCAR any more. Ever since Brian France took over. One of them is having races starting so late. I find myself having to stay up all night watching TV. Not that I mind, but I’d rather be watching races on Sunday at noon. And qualifying is not at a good time for me. When it starts at 3:00, I’m still at work. SPEED used to show qualifying at 8:00 for people like me. But that didn’t happen much this year. And I hate not knowing who got in and who didn’t.

I keep a notebook on NASCAR. I start the weekend with qualifying. All the cars (or trucks) that are entered in order. With comments on new paint schemes, or who is in a new car this week. And it makes me very unhappy when I can’t see what is going on. I’d like NASCAR to take a look at what the fans are doing. What we’re watching, and when we’re watching. The ratings are going down, but NASCAR isn’t worried about that. Maybe they should be. In my opinion, they are going after the football fans at the expense of the fans they already have. The football fans watch awhile, but go away.  I personally don’t watch football. I’m a NASCAR fan.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the new Nationwide Series. Some thoughts from a die hard  racing fan. And maybe after that I’ll give my opinion about the state of NASCAR.

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