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I’d like to talk about the new Busch Series. In 2008 it will be the Nationwide Series. In my opinion Busch was a proper name for it. It was the bush league, after all. Although lately it has been where the Cup guys could go and beat up on the Minor Leagues. Last year and this year a Cup Driver ran away with the Championship. And no wonder. They are regular Cup drivers. Of course they do better. It was supposed to be a place to learn how to drive the big stock cars.

Next year NASCAR is talking about not giving regular Cup drivers in the top 35 any points in the Nationwide Series. That way another Cup driver wouldn’t be able to win another Championship. After all, the Cup Drivers all claim they race in the Busch Series just to have fun and win. And I don’t have a problem with that. A Cup driver racing in the Nationwide Series would bring fans to watch the race. In my opinion Drivers should decide which Series they want a Championship in. I don’t think they should be allowed to go for the Championship in both.

In my opinion, if an Owner wants to have a Nationwide Series team, they should hire themselves a Nationwide Series driver. I also think that all Cup drivers should have to qualify on speed. Whether or not they are in the top 30 in Car Owner points. And, as long as I’m giving my opinion, I think they all should start from the rear. Now that would be a great race, in my opinion. Watching the big guys race to the front.

I liked the Busch Series back when Matt Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. were racing each other. I still like them, but I now have different favorite Busch drivers. And I want them to win. I watch Matt and Dale, Jr. on Sunday, not on Saturday. A Busch Driver used to win Championships. At least Dale, Jr. and Martin Truex, Jr. did. That was before Cup drivers went for Busch Championships. In my opinion, it’s not right.

I watch several Series out there. And I like watching the up and coming race each other. I even have favorites in each of the Series. I watch   ARCA/REMAX, Hooters Pro Series, Busch East (formerly North), NASCAR (formerly Winston)West, The Craftsman Trucks, and even CASCAR. I love watching racing. When I go to a track, I go for the weekend. So I can see everything that’s on the track for the whole weekend. ASA was a great Series. What ever happened to it?

Anyway, in my opinion, all Nationwide Owners should get himself a Nationwide driver. Some say it’s the car, not the driver. Of course, the others say it’s the driver, not the car. If a Cup driver can win in your car, Mr. Owner, why can’t someone else? Or is the Nationwide car only good if a Cup driver is driving it? Attention Owners. There are excellent drivers out there. Find one to drive your Nationwide car. Just think what that would mean. All these Owners have Nationwide drivers in their Nationwide car! Then it would be a “Busch” race again. Not a shorter version of the Sunday race. Let the Cup guys race on Saturday, a handful at a time, but don’t let them take over.

In my opinion-NASCAR was brought to you by Sheila Hawley. I have many opinions. I hope you find this opinion makes you want more of my opinions.

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